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PSA: Claude is some much better at rust than ChatGPT
  • It’s great for getting a feel for how things are done, imo.

    But yes a crutch you should gradually stop relying on.

  • What's the dumbest reason you've learned a programming language?
  • Surely an unpopular opinion lol.

    Python is a great first language.

  • Israel Bombs Yemen Saturday in Escalation with Houthis.
  • lol no it’s still not justified to kill a bunch of innocent kids.

  • Obama Joins Dems Urging Biden To Exit Presidential Race
  • That’s gotta sting

  • A NYTimes photographer took a picture of Trump a moment before he was struck by a bullet
  • He was definitely hit from the front. Look at the layout of things.

  • A cool guide to the most stolen vehicles in the United States in 2023 (overall and by state).
  • You didn’t read the graphic. Top is post Kia challenge, map is pre.

    Not a great way to juxtapose the data.

  • Delta flight diverts to New York after passengers are served spoiled food
  • Sounds like an allergic reaction to food with the hives …

  • Tiling Shell Update Adds New Keyboard Shortcuts + More
  • Dev is great and very responsive. I suggested keyboard shortcuts on GitHub and he was already working on it 😎.

  • How to install Nix on Fedora Silverblue
  • There’s not much to it. You just use the determinate installer. Works great.

  • 'Tiling Shell' Brings Advanced Window Snapping to Gnome
  • Tried it after reading the article. I’m used to using tiling assistant.

    It’s nice but, man I also would like some keyboard shortcuts!

    Edit: Suggested shortcuts on GitHub and the dev is already working on it 😎

  • How happy are you with your current distro?
  • I’ve been with Fedora for awhile now because I like the project and how it pushes things forward. Changed to Silverblue and never returned.

    Now I’m using Bluefin because I like the little tweaks on top of Silverblue. Would recommend.

  • How happy are you with your current distro?
  • Have you checked out Aurora?

  • Jellyfin 10.9 Coming Soon!

    Release target is tentatively mid April according to here..


    PySimpleGUI is now closed-source

    Previously LGPL, now re-licensed as closed-source/commercial. Previous code taken down.

    Commercial users pay $99/year, free for personal use but each user has to make a free account after a trial period.


    Jellyfin Roku 2.0.0 To Be Released Monday!

    16 Alarms raised as TTC’s Bloor-Danforth subway trains near the end of the line

    As the cars on Line 2 near the end of their lifespan, the TTC has called a halt to buying new ones because of lack of funds.

    Alarms raised as TTC’s Bloor-Danforth subway trains near the end of the line
    3 Nintendo to Release Switch Games Until March 2025

    The Switch 2 is expected to launch in 2024, though.

    Nintendo to Release Switch Games Until March 2025

    Two Issues

    I think the app is great so far! Two issues.

    In the latest App Store version, the subscriptions for 1 of my 3 accounts are all missing. They used to show fine and are still there in other apps. Maybe a cache issue?

    The other just might not be done yet. Is there any way to make a new post? Or am I just missing it?


    Request: Camel Hawk

    I’m just wondering if someone can generate me a hawk-camel hybrid.

    My toddler really wants camels to be a type of hawk.

    19 Profile Retry Bug

    Seems if your profile fails to load ( servers) hitting retry doesn’t seem to actually retry.

    Even if I change to a different account I can’t load the new profile unless I restart the app