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Why People Don’t Catch The Politics In Their Favorite Games
  • People play games for escapism, not to be reminded of politics. Not every story needs deep political roots, people just want to have fun and forget about real world bullshit.

  • UK Government Response to the Stop Killing Games Petition
  • The UK gov are as useless as nipples on a man. They don’t act on anything unless they see monetary gain.

  • Spotify quietly moves lyrics behind a paywall.
  • Even as an Audiophile, I agree, FLAC is a waste of bandwidth and disk space unless you’re remixing tracks (which most people don’t do!)

  • European car safety body is coming for touchscreens. The European New Car Assessment Programme mandates that key controls need physical buttons or switches
  • This is the perfect example of, just because you can doesn’t mean you should. Physical buttons are always more reliable without having to take your eyes off the road.

  • Valve's iFixit partnership is a game changer
  • I did the exact same thing with my Steam Deck LCD and I had the same problem. It was a piece of piss to swap out the part thanks to Valve and iFixit :)

    Modularity and upgradability should be standardised in everything!

  • Rip Yuzu
  • Those loyal fans love sucking off Nintendo and defending every decision they make even when it fucks them in the ass in the long run.

  • Google is silently blocking RCS messages on rooted Android phones and custom ROMs
  • Google are so needlessly hostile to people that root, what the fuck does sending messages have to do with having elevated permissions on a phone?!

  • New GNOME Mutter Code Prepares Fractional Scaling For XWayland
  • I’m guessing you’ve never used an electron app before?

  • ‘It went nuts’: Thousands join UK parents calling for smartphone-free childhood
  • Smartphones are bad for the mind of developing children; I’d go as far to say as they’re bad in general for adults (but that’s a different topic).

    I never had a smartphone when I was a child and I turned out just fine…

  • New GNOME Mutter Code Prepares Fractional Scaling For XWayland
  • Tbh I always disable VRR because I find the flicker in games and full screen video way too distracting. At first I thought it was my previous VA monitor but the exact same thing happens on my OLED.

  • New GNOME Mutter Code Prepares Fractional Scaling For XWayland
  • But hey at least the scaling works!

  • New GNOME Mutter Code Prepares Fractional Scaling For XWayland
  • I really like the GNOME app ecosystem, I like KDE too but I’m not sure I’d make it my default desktop environment.

  • New GNOME Mutter Code Prepares Fractional Scaling For XWayland
  • I feel like GNOME developers need to drop what they’re doing immediately and focus on making fractional scaling usable. Hi-DPI scaling is everywhere nowadays from TVs to laptop monitors, not supporting it properly is a massive problem for all affected users.

    I’d switch to Linux pretty quickly if they made using my damn laptop a usable experience without dealing with blurry apps or having to use a microscope to read text.

  • OpenAI Wants to Eat Google Search's Lunch
  • This guy looks like AI.

  • Record waiting times for cancer treatment in the UK whilst King Charles begins treatment within days of diagnosis
  • This country and the people who run it is a fucking joke. This is no different to Victorian era shit, except we’re supposed to be more civilised nowadays and accept these freeloaders to get preferential treatment? Fuck off, paid thieves is what they are.

  • Got a Ring doorbell? Expect a 43% increase in annual subscription
  • Subscriptions are cancer, don’t be a mug and cancel if you’re unhappy with the price increase. People aren’t made of money and EVERYTHING is turning into a subscription nowadays.

  • Disney+ Drops 1.3 Million Subscribers Amid Price Hike, Streaming Loss Shrinks by $300 Million
  • When greed backfires it’s glorious! Plus the more streaming services pop up, the more people will pirate; we’ve regressed back into the cable TV era all because the suits are greedy bastards and deserve to lose every subscriber.

  • The FTC isn’t too happy with Microsoft’s Activision Blizzard layoffs
  • Yeah but 1,900 staff, come the fuck on that’s a mass exodus not a layoff. I’m in a company of 300+ people and it’s a HUGE number of people, I can hardly process over 6x as many layoffs…

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