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How do you deal with the situation where you are invited to play a game, only to find it's wildly complex and takes 4 hours to finish, and you find yourself not wanting to play it within minute 5?
  • Take your phone out, look at it, get a slightly concerned look on your face that quickly turns to fear, run out the room yelling "No No No NO No No No No No they're not meant to be here this soon", destroy your phone and start a fresh new life.

  • Buy Oxycodone Hydro 1omg Opinie Online, New Jersey, USA
  • Hahah you sound like my old drug dealer.

  • Embarrassing
  • Alright then, who pissed off Cookie Monster?

  • Fingerprint enhancement
  • Nah they're not strong enough words.

  • Introducing, 'Panic Attack Man'
  • With his sidekick Anxiety Boy.

  • Fingerprint enhancement
  • Hates even too soft of a word, there's not a single word in any language that describes the feeling this image invokes.

  • Bug: Incorrect image found in a post
  • Sometimes program bugs make the best jokes.

  • AI generated yearbook
  • Chunus looks exactly like a person named Chunus.

  • TIL Moe Was Based on Comedian Rich Hall
  • He's even got that Moe Sislak voice.

    As soon as I read the title and looked at him I could see it.

  • Know the difference
  • Nah they like to pew pew people who use an image of the Pedo.

  • Know the difference
  • Who's a pedophile!?

    That line delivery kills me every time.

  • X will soon no longer let you hide your blue checkmark
  • No more hiding your shame people!

  • I do what I want.
  • I had this broken but working lamp (was just the light part no stand) with a dumb plastic baby blue lamp shade thing that fit perfectly on there as a lid.

    I put it there because I worked out one of my dogs was kinda scared of the dark and wouldn't eat at night unless someone walked out there or we left the big light on, once we put that on and turned it on he was fine.

  • Police in Japan have arrested a 36-year-old man on suspicion of selling illegally modified Pokémon save data to customers online
  • I'm going to believe that the thumbnail is the detective that solved the case.

  • no kidding.
  • You don't have to snort them all, there's other places to absorb energy drinks.

  • I always found Punks theme choice interesting.

    Something I noticed a while ago with his theme choice and how he's constantly represented and spoken about.

    Produce the movie.

    One man must fight his way through a hord of Genetically enhanced Murderous Zombie Produce to save the world from total destruction.

    Watch as our hero Fights with lecherous leering lettuce, Punches a parasitic pumpkin pie punting parsnip and stomps a sanctimonious satanic subservient squash in ULTRAMAX 3D!

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