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The term 'YOLO' has merit
  • Even though you are right, misusing the term in situations where your one life is either in danger, or where you make extremely dumb decisions even though you know better... is the joke and makes the term so charming for me.

    For me it basically translates into : "I am about to do this dumb thing which I already know is dumb, but living my life to the fullest leads me right here"

  • What is a beautiful concept or idea that continues to blow your mind?
  • Black holes and the uncertainty of what lies behind the event horizon. The possibility that inside a black hole, a whole new universe could exist without us ever knowing. When tripping through life taught me one thing, it is that many things can be seen as part of a huge fractal, and that view fits right into the interpretation that black holes are nothing else than universes in universes. After all, our big bang might just be another ordinary black hole, reaching critical mass.

    Of course I can not prove it, but I love thinking about it.

  • Anyone else feel like ~99% of their life was kind of wasted?
  • You should try to move away from chasing goals, especially goals which are dictated by others. But even with your own goals, keep in mind that achieving a goal means little in comparison to the road there.

    Imagine you dream of buying a house, or big car, whatever status symbol is your jam. You work your ass off for decades, are possibly miserable all the time and then achieve your goal. Do you think this will change anything meaningful? Sparks of joy never last, so take them when they come, try to be happy about smaller things in life and stop chasing grand goals. Embrace the present, not the future. You live now and only now. Always.

  • What DEs are people using?
  • KDE on my work machine as it just works and has delivered for years without problems. hyprland on my private machine as I realized I don't really need a full DE, once I looked closer at my real use cases...