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Valve faces a £656 million lawsuit in the UK for 'overcharging 14 million PC gamers'
  • Money has nothing to do with it

    While I agree with everything else, I think it's the opposite of this, money has everything to do with it. If people stopped preordering and buying day 1 every AAA game, they would rethink their strategy, but since money keeps coming the don't need to change much.

  • What was your latest improvement to your Linux setup?
  • I've been thinking about getting a thin client or similar for Hi-Res music listening for a while. I tried a Raspberry Pi 3b+ and the music sounded harsher and would crackle as soon as the Pi was doing anything else at the same time.

    Having my PC on all day in summer is a bit overwhelming.

  • Doom: The Dark Ages is introducing big changes to combat because id Software came to one core realization: "Every projectile mattered in the original Doom"
  • I had a similar experience. Doom was pure shooting fun, while the platforming component they introduced in Eternal altered the essence too much for me. I finished Doom in a very short time but I never finished Eternal.

  • Zionist woman LOSES HER MIND after meeting Jews standing for Palestine 🇵🇸
  • I can't understand a single word that screeching banshee is saying.

  • Neva | Gameplay Trailer | Coming 2024
  • As a huge Gris fan, this is one of the few games I still await with excitement.

  • Capcom is organizing an event where you can try out a Steam Deck at six Capcom operated stores nationwide in Japan
  • I took that for granted, It's Nintendo and they had several years of advantage.

  • Capcom is organizing an event where you can try out a Steam Deck at six Capcom operated stores nationwide in Japan
  • Does this mean the Deck is struggling in Japan? I read it was doing well, but I couldn't find accurate numbers.

  • Embracer Boss Mulls Increasing the Price of Video Games Beyond $70
  • Many ganes are 80€ in Europe, some even in digital format, they can fuck right off

  • how to properly enrage four fandoms at once
  • Looks like Eminem got too much botox

  • VLC Player
  • Last time I tried VLC, it didn't have the ability to play music without a gap between tracks and that was a deal breaker for me.

  • Finally, 3.5 Years After Launch, No One Is Working on Cyberpunk 2077 at CD Projekt
  • I played it at launch and stopped due to bugs and performance. Tried again a year and a half later but sadly the game didn't catch me.

  • Meta is a complete dumpster fire
  • Google tried this on YouTube some time ago. They wanted me to verify I'm an adult by sending them my ID or a credit card number. Sure, Google, sure, wait here. I'll be back in 5 minutes.

  • Meta is a complete dumpster fire
  • I use a Pico 4 for PCVR and it works quite well. Being wireless is a big pro of this kind of headset.

  • What song should I play for my bathroom neighbors?
  • That's some strong will, I could never take more than 2 minutes of torture.

  • The Presidents of the United States of America - Peaches (1996)

    I remember a Playstation demo disc that came with this one, good times.

  • Mushroom ID
  • Amanita phalloides, if I'm not mistaken?