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Unhinged Republican candidate calls Kamala Harris a "little wh*re" as GOP descends into misogyny
  • Wait. So you’re telling me that water, when applied to most things, tends to make those things… wet?!

    ffs what next? Bears that live in the woods often shit in the woods? Many species of birds are known for their ability to fly?

  • Anon watches nature documentaries
  • Search: Bhata-Tuthu

    No results found.

    Anon: yes I’m an octuple platinum, quintuple neutron star patron of the American Disovery Channel. What of it?

    Me: I respect your grift, Anon, carry on smartly.

  • Shrunk rule
  • I remember talking about it with him about it over some beers, and naturally his first instinct as a father was that he didn’t want to use it on them. They researched it alongside him, however, knew the risks involved, and volunteered anyway.

    The “movie” totally did him wrong, btw, it got almost everything about it wrong solely for profit. He wound up suing the producers and directors for millions.