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u/ORIOLESFan02YT on reddit. Deleted my reddit account because of u/spez

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Anon thinks about Google
  • The drop down that shows the toggles and notifications. I remember when there used to be 6 or 7 toggles at the top before you had to swipe down again to get more, but now, there are 4 huge and frankly unnecessary toggles instead of the previous 6-7 small ones. Also, more and more of google shoving their unnecessary products down your throat that you cannot uninstall.

  • Seems like Google won't be removing the SIM slot after all! Pixel 8 Likely Skipping Apple's Bad eSIM-Only Idea

    The Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro are likely to keep the SIM tray rather than go all-in on eSIM. We could also see Night Sight video on the 8 Pro.

    Pixel 8 Likely Skipping Apple's Bad eSIM-Only Idea



    Please stop following in Apple's footsteps

    What happened to daring to be different? What happened to having options? What happened to creativity?