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xkcd #2948: Electric vs Gas
  • I do the same, metro commuting and a short trip to visit family (~50 miles each way) every couple weeks or so. I don't even have to plug in every time I get home, I only need to make sure I am charged up at least to 75% for the family visit. Level 1 charging is more than sufficient, I've only ever used a charging station just to see what it's like and try to use up some credit I got for them through my dealership.

    For those without EVs: level 1 charging is just plugging into a standard 120V outlet. I have no special equipment at home, though I did need to confirm my breaker could handle it. For my 2023 Bolt EUV I charge about 1% per hour on the reduced charge setting (8 amps). If I do need to charge a little faster I can swap it to 12 amps, but I typically don't need to do that.

  • Not Likeable
  • Well hey guess what? Hillary Clinton removed the possibility of knowing what would happen if she and her DNC cronies hadn't put their thumb on the scale. I agree that she likely would have won, but we cannot know that.

    The fact that a political candidate removed our ability to know what the result of a free and fair election would have been is more than enough for them to be solely to blame for a following loss. And yet here we are 8 fucking years later with asshats like you still blaming the disenfranchised for the sins of the elite.

  • Just a reminder
  • Then I'll say this one more time since you seem to be having trouble: that's your opinion, and other people see what you're doing as an existential threat to American democracy just as much as MAGA.

    That's the point I've been trying to make this whole time. Your personal opinion on the only path to protect democracy happens to involve some steps that I think will also destroy democracy. And in the meantime I think we have very little time left to stand up against the anti-democratic practices of the Democratic party, and they're continuing to inflame extremists in the opposition to give themselves cover.

    By the way, for someone who is constantly yelling about bad actors in a discussion of US politics, you've got some pretty suspicious grammar in this comment.

  • In the end, I created a new mail
  • I have an uncommon but not unique name and I have [email protected]. As far as I know, others with my name usually include a middle initial in their email address but they sometimes forget it. I've gotten family event plans, car maintenance reminders, digital receipts, contractor quotes, and even once added to a daycare group (that one I did reach out to the coordinator to let them know and then removed myself from the group).

  • The diminishing returns of in-office mandates
  • My team has one day per week where we have our regular team meetings and the expectation is we are usually in the office on that day. Outside of that, we all set our own schedules based on our needs. Some people just like being in the office or have job duties that necessitate it. Others like me have little reason to be in the office other than specific meetings so I WFH 4 days most weeks, coming in on those if needed.

    It's the best work setup I've had so far, and a lot of that is because our manager is actually great at her job.

  • Just a reminder
  • Not gonna retread the entire conversation on the points you decided to stick your head back in the sand for. But on "your kind," it's the people who go around spreading vitriol at anyone who expresses an opinion counter to your own. And you immediately proved me right in your response by assuming the worst intention for me stating that I'm voting.

    I'm not defending anyone, I'm standing against your call for authoritarianism. Because plenty of people are completely genuine in their disillusionment with the system but your characterization of them as "bad actors" is based solely on them saying one specific thing (that's the litmus test).

    Again: we do not need more authoritarianism. We need honest discussion of ALL of the flaws of our political system. The Democrats are not above criticism, no matter how batshit insane the Republicans get.

  • Just a reminder
  • What words did I put in your mouth? You called them bad actors again even in this reply and in your first one you advocated for pushing them off of Lemmy. The rest of the comment you just replied to were my words ("bullying" and "you are not the arbiter of what people are allowed to think").

    Is it the last one you're complaining about? That's not me putting words into your mouth, that's me calling out what you're advocating for. You are advocating for pushing people off of a social media platform when YOU have decided to label them a "bad actor" without actually knowing their intentions. Your entire premise seems to me to be predicated on the idea that no one could possibly be so disillusioned, disenfranchised, and dissatisfied with the system that they go on social media and state those feelings. Therefore, anyone saying that MUST be a bad actor.

  • Just a reminder
  • Labeling people "bad actors" simply for expressing an opinion counter to yours and then trying to run them out is 100% bullying. You are not the arbiter of what people are allowed to think.

  • Just a reminder
  • My intent was to push back on your unfounded retort to someone saying they wish there would be one election where the Democrats didn't try to guilt people into voting for them based on fearmongering. You responded to them with... fearmongering. I responded to you to point out that your fearmongering is the same tactic used in every election ever. I didn't make any claims about the validity of Trump's threat to the US.

    You then kept putting different words and claims into my mouth to argue against. So I kept saying "no, I'm just saying that this fearmongering is the same as has been used in every election."

  • Just a reminder
  • Oh, gotcha. So bullying people who don't pass your litmus test (whether or not they actually believe or are what you claim) until they leave isn't silencing the voices of people who disagree with you.

  • Just a reminder
  • You say that like people haven't been saying that exact same thing every election for all of US history. It's a tactic to silence unrepresented groups and bully them into conformity. Some people think differently from you and do legitimately view both the Democrats and Republicans as anti-democratic organizations.

    And since at least the ones on the left were personally deprived of a fair election by the Democrats in 2016 and arguably 2020, pretending the Democrats are not also a threat to democracy immediately makes any argument you make fall on deaf ears. Instead, the Dem base parrots the party lines about progressives being the ones who gave us Trump in 2016. Despite literal evidence that the Dems propped him up during the primary.

  • Just a reminder
  • Ahh, yes. The classic way to combat authoritarianism: with more authoritarianism. "If you disagree with the party line your voice must be silenced."

    And since I know your kind tend to assume things that aren't said: I'm not saying don't vote. I will vote Dem in November, but I'm very close to my breaking limit on voting for people that constantly disparage me. I am saying that the kind of thinking you've displayed here is just as much of an existential threat to the US as the MAGA cult. Refusing to hold the Democrats accountable for anything ever (because it's "not the right time") is just a slower death.

  • EV sales slowdown is mostly a Tesla problem, according to sales data
  • I got a 2023 Bolt earlier this year. I just connect my phone wirelessly for maps and music and don't touch most other things on the screen. I LOVE the heated steering wheel for winter and cooling seats for summer. That particular package is well worth getting.

    Definitely DO NOT give OnStar your credit card info though. The dealership will sit you in the car and initiate the OnStar call before you know what's happening. Just refuse to give credit card info, the extended trial whatever isn't worth the hassle of OnStar charging you when they said they wouldn't. I ended up having to do a chargeback because OnStar straight up lied to me about when charges would occur.