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Survey shows most people wouldn't pay extra for AI-enhanced hardware | 84% of people said no
  • Isn’t that the entire point behind what most business people do? The whole goal is to upsell some schmuck by speaking too fast, and mentioning a lot of words that don’t really mean anything. Except the difference now is that the business person in this case is the leadership behind most of the tech industry

  • What's on your "Everyday Carry" USB stick?
  • I got two identical 64gb sticks. One's for a Ventoy setup with a bunch of different ISOs, in case anything has to be done and/or recovered. The other just has occasional random files i might need

  • You're Being Lied To. The EV Market Hasn't 'Stalled'
  • The US EV market is only stalling because the lobbyist are purposefully crippling development, the manufacturers are circlejerking each other, and every foreign brand either has no interest in selling in the US, or is banned from doing so

  • NVIDIA Transitions Fully Towards Open-Source GPU Kernel Modules | NVIDIA Technical Blog
  • Both of them have their own issues, but historically, Nvidia have been considerably worse, because they not only required a proprietary driver, but also adamantly refused to support certain features, crippling the functionality of a lot of compositors.

    Today, I'm having zero issues with an Nvidia card, on Kwin/Wayland. Everything that runs in native Wayland runs flawlessly. Games through Xwayland run great too, now that explicit sync is actually there.

    Worth noting that I don't have a VRR display, and don't have a card that supports frame generation. The latter just is not implemented at all, and the I've heard there are issues with the former

  • NVIDIA Transitions Fully Towards Open-Source GPU Kernel Modules | NVIDIA Technical Blog
  • I was kind of hoping that Pascal and Volta would still be included, given how much of a userbase still has those, however from Nvidia's standpoint, I can kind of see it? These are almost a decade old. But either way, i'm sure they have some other corporate bullshit in mind