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Why is Windows 11 so annoying?
  • It's generally repeated by people who are aware that Linux exists but haven't actually used it since kernel 2.6 and in turn makes errant assumptions like the terminal is anymore necessary in Linux than it is in Windows in 2024. These people annoy the shit out of me.

  • Trump Fumes as Judge Orders Him to Sit Like a Dog
  • Man, I found this weirdly satisfying: "But just as the judge neared the end of his sentence, Trump abruptly stood up—apparently thinking the day was over. Immediately, Merchan turned his face to the former president and said in a firm voice: 'Sir, can you please have a seat.' His long, black robes dangled from beneath his right hand as he waved it down, like a man addressing his dog. It wasn’t a question. Without hesitation, Trump went and plopped straight back down into his maroon leather chair at the defense table—and remained for another minute, fuming as the judge gathered his paperwork and strolled toward his chambers."

  • Blocked Instance Bug

    When I try to filter a non-English language post I've found that frequently the instance I wanted blocked is not what's added to my block list.

    For example, when I try to block the following instance it's adding instead of OP's instance