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Trump's social media account shares a campaign video with a headline about a 'unified Reich'
  • Typical Trump behavior, the "Schrödinger's Douchebag" defense. Post the content, see the reaction.

    No reaction: mission accomplished, and now you know the line you can't cross is further out.

    Negative reaction: I didn't do it, it was a staffer who didn't watch the video, it was just a joke bro, etc. But the message is out there all the same.

    Trump is a full-on Nazi.

  • "Grow up. These are my movies, not yours": George Lucas Won't be Happy How Star Wars Fan Group is Illegally Saving the Original Trilogy
  • You know George, they really aren't very good films. I don't want the originals because they were good, I want the originals because those afternoons spent sitting in the theater in 1977 (and 1980, and 1983) were memorable experiences for me, and the original cuts evoke those times in a visceral way.

    It's not about seeing "your" movies, it's about reliving parts of my youth the way I remember them. These are my memories, not yours. Grow up.

  • Trump says ‘a lot of people like it’ when he floats the idea of being a dictator
  • Handy Trump Translator:

    "A lot of people are saying X" = "I am saying X"
    "No one knew X" = "I didn't know X"
    "Biden is on drugs" = "I am on drugs"
    "Rigged and totally unfair" = "Not rigged and completely fair, but I don't like it"
    "No one knows more about X than me" = "I am the dumbest motherfucker on the planet, and I don't even know it"