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What fresh hell is this?
  • Same as for any app: crash reports, to fix issues.

    I was curious so I installed it (it's the Google calculator app), and it just links to the generic Google privacy policy. There is nothing specific to the Calculator.

  • Microsoft is reportedly banning Palestinians in the U.S. for life for calling relatives in Gaza
  • Why does it matter? If they ban your Microsoft account because you had an upside down Xbox sticker on your fridge, is it relevant if Microsoft has a monopoly on sticker manufacturing?

    Skype doesn't matter because they don't ban you from Skype, they ban you from everything, including things they do have a dominant market position on. And also from Skype, which doesn't matter as much.

  • Anon gets an ultimatum
  • I learned about this acronym in a Geography class in school, 15 years ago, and this wasn't in an English speaking country. So it's old enough and common enough that it was part of the curriculum even though it was a foreign acronym.

  • Citroën did it better
  • Clearly an unpopular opinion, but I think the Cybertruck looks cool. It's a bad car which you shouldn't buy for many reasons, but in terms of looks, I like it. It's unique, definitely stands out on the parking lot, and the retrofuturistic aesthetic is my vibe.

  • Is the golden rule really good?
  • No, it doesn't say you can treat someone badly if they treat you badly. It doesn't say anything about how others treat you having any effect on how you treat them.

    It says you should treat everyone the way you'd like them to treat you, regardless if they actually do or not.

  • Google Maps is not adding pop-up ads during navigation [U]
  • There is no popup whatsoever during navigation. The alleged popup screen is actually what appears when you yourself click a pin (whether normal or sponsored). Nothing ever pops up by itself.

    The article was corrected, maybe you read it before that happened.

  • Google Maps is not adding pop-up ads during navigation [U]
  • The meaning is that the card appears when you tap a pin. "Pop up" sounds like something that appears by itself, which is not the case here. It does "pop up" when you want it to, but you'd agree that's not what people would think if you described it as a "pop up".