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  • Finally, a reasonable comment.

    I would concede that they want to keep it all for themselves, although a lot of anonymising of data is done.

    My point is Apple are not sharing it with every third party on the Earth.

    If you’re using Android then you don’t really have a leg to stand on, unless you’re using GrapheneOS and you’ve sandboxed Google services.

    I would rather use a device that maybe keeps it all for themselves. Rather than one where it is shared with Everyman and his dog.

    Plenty of things you can shit on Apple for, but this isn’t one of them I’m afraid.

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  • OP here being me.

    Well, most of the requests are handled on device with their own models. If it’s going to ChatGPT for something it will ask for permission and then use ChatGPT.

    I feel I was pretty explicit in explaining how some requests will go to ChatGPT.

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  • They sell Google the right to keep it as the default, not that they’re selling data.

    Again, point me to some proof of it being actually selling data. As to my understanding they pay for the default engine to be Google.

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  • Because Apples lawyers will go ham.

    I don’t want my comments here to be received as shilling Apple, more that I want them to based on actual information that is provided and not opinion pieces.

    The fact is, if they were to caught saving data then Apple would just end the contract. Is it worth it for them to lose out on that cash, for the sake of using it. When they can just use all the other sources where they are allowed to do that.

    Anyway, I don’t care what anonymised data they may or may not save. It won’t be tied to me.

    Edit: Do you have some information on this existing lawsuits and the contracts they broke?

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  • Brother I do not care about your doubts.

    I want hard facts here.

    Do you think that if you enter into a contract with a company like Apple they’ll just be like, aww shit they weren’t supposed to do that. Anyway let’s carry on.

    No. This would open OpenAi up to potential lawsuits.

    Even if they did save stuff. It gets anonymised by Apple before even being sent to ChatGPT servers.

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  • Doubt.

    Is this conjecture or can you provide some further reading, in the interest of not spreading misinformation.

    Edit: I decided to read the info from Apple.

    With Private Cloud Compute, Apple sets a new standard for privacy in AI, with the ability to flex and scale computational capacity between on-device processing, and larger, server-based models that run on dedicated Apple silicon servers. When requests are routed to Private Cloud Compute, data is not stored or made accessible to Apple and is only used to fulfill the user’s requests, and independent experts can verify this privacy.

    Additionally, access to ChatGPT is integrated into Siri and systemwide Writing Tools across Apple’s platforms, allowing users to access its expertise — as well as its image- and document-understanding capabilities — without needing to jump between tools.

    Say what you will about Apple, but privacy isn’t a concern for me. Perhaps, some independent experts will verify this in time.

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  • Well, most of the requests are handled on device with their own models. If it’s going to ChatGPT for something it will ask for permission and then use ChatGPT.

    So the Apple Intelligence isn’t all ChatGPT. I think this deserves to be mentioned as a lot of the processing will be on device.

    Also, I believe part of the deal is ChatGPT can save nothing and Apple are anonymising the requests too.

  • Outrage over ‘massacre’ in Gaza as Israel rescued four hostages
  • The agreement I posted the link to is the one you’re mentioning isn’t it?

    Do the zionists play no role in why Hamas has done what they have done?

    In all honesty the situation is fucked and it’s a result of my government giving Israel someone else’s land in the first place. For centuries Jews and Palestinians lived peacefully together until the Israeli Zionist’s started taking more and more land. Which resulted in Hamas being born and the many one sided wars that proceeded. Ultimately my sympathy lies with the Palestinians more than the Israeli settlers and there really isn’t a solution as Israel have had a blood lust since WWII which is strange as you would think that people that went through that wouldn’t become the monsters that tried to wipe them out.

    If you’re curious about reading more on the Palestinian point of view I would recommend Norman Finkelstein, a very educated Jewish person who has studied this his whole life. There are plenty of Jews in and out of Israel that don’t support these actions and Tel Aviv regular has protests against the war. They could have had their loved ones back months ago, but Bibi is a vengeful bastard and has the backing of other vengeful bastards in the USA.

    The second the USA left Afghanistan the Taliban was back and the same will be true for Hamas. The best thing Israel can do is stop the settlers, give Palestinians a fair shot at life and they will vote out Hamas themselves. Or they can go to war with the entire Middle East of which they will not win unless they drag the west in too.

  • Yeah, about that…
  • I truly believe it’s a lack of curiosity, people simply are not interested in learning more than they have to.

    That’s why I see curiosity as a gift. Friends think I am intelligent, but I’m simply curious enough to learn things.

  • Outrage over ‘massacre’ in Gaza as Israel rescued four hostages
  • Do you really think you can eliminate Hamas? How did it go for the Americans in Afghanistan and the Taliban? You can’t eliminate an ideology.

    In fact the more innocent people you murder the more you secure the next round of recruits, when people have nothing left to lose they will seek vengeance.

    Hamas wants civilian casualties.

    Israel is just sick enough to honour that goal I see.

    I’ll await the ICC and ICJ outcomes. The fact is Israel is an apartheid state and has the support of the world to commit a genocide.

  • Outrage over ‘massacre’ in Gaza as Israel rescued four hostages
  • Several deals to release the hostages have been rejected by Israel, like this one .

    If you want to play they could have done that game. Then Israel could not have stolen land for decades and kept people in essentially an open air prison. The vast majority of Palestinians didn’t vote for Hamas, as they were children the last time there was a vote.

    You’re justifying the murder of innocent people as retribution for the murder of innocent people and I find that deplorable. As do the ICC, ICJ, and everyday more and more governments.

  • Is it safe to use free movies sites on a phone, specifically iOS devices?

    As the title says, what are the risks, I assume people don’t host these servers for no reason. Is it just the ad revenue they get from the popups when trying to start the movie.

    Could they be running exploits on here that would make it not safe at all to do so?


    How do rainbows work?

    Now I know that rainbows are formed due to refraction of light from the sun hitting raindrops and light waves leave at varying angles between 40-42 degrees or somewhere around there. Also, that they’re round.

    What I don’t understand is how it’s consistent, like I assume it’s hitting many raindrops, but all these drops are in different places so why does it still form a nice circle. Furthermore, why isn’t the whole sky a rainbow if it’s raining and thus hitting all the drops. I suspect the angle of the sun is playing a part but I’m not a science man.

    Please help me get this thought out of my head.


    What's been the craziest moment of your life?

    I saw this asked on another instance, thought I’d ask it here and I’ll post my response from there in the comments as I think it felt cathartic.

    Doesn't need to be a life or death situation, just any moment in your life where you found yourself saying "Holy shit, I can't believe this is happening!"


    How do you get into wild camping, it seems so overwhelming and a lot of information to try and gather?

    So, I’ve really started to make some large changes to my life after many years of being a degenerate and all my money going on smoking weed and doing other drugs with friends etc.

    It all started when I got diagnosed with ADHD, got medicated, since stopped as the cons were worse than the pros now I’m on a good track, re-trained as a software developer and have been in my first role a year and I’m late 30’s now.

    Weed was the last thing to quit and it’s been almost a month and I’m finally able to do all the things I could never afford. Bought a nice watch and booked a session for a sleeve tattoo I’ve always wanted.

    I still need something to focus on to keep me happy and I love being out in nature and just milling about, but I’m a city kid, north UK, so really don’t know anything about surviving outside; but I want to go out for weekends and see the stars and just explore and be self sufficient.

    It all just seems so overwhelming and I have no clue where to start. I’ve been watching YouTube videos and still it seems so overwhelming. My plan is to start purchasing everything you would need with a view to start from April next year but I honestly don’t know where to begin. What do I buy, which tents should I be looking at, how do I learn about water supplies I can drink from, what about cooking; can I make bacon and eggs for instance, what sleeping bags, cookers, backpacks, shoes, etc.

    The list goes on and on and I guess I’m just looking for good resources to consume over the next 10 months to make sure I can go out and be safe, considerate, and not a burden on anybody else.

    Thanks for any tips you can provide.

    Edit: I have a lot of comments here to reply to, but I’m pretty sleepy right now so will reply to you all tomorrow. Thanks.


    Veritasium's new video on Jumping Spiders is having its sponsor Better Help on blast in the top comments. Should we hold content creators to account?

    Should we stop supporting them with our eyes for taking sponsorships from shady companies?

    Edit: I took my first step and unsubscribed from the channel and I will continue to withhold my viewership to those that don’t take better care of the viewers.

    Likely doesn’t matter, but I’m on a roll of not giving my money to companies that are immoral so why not do the same with my eyes.


    As someone who is aging. Late thirties. How can I keep my finger on the pulse of current trends, particularly in music?

    As an example. I grew up in hip-hop but at a certain point I stopped listening to new people and realised recently that I’d slept on some bangers. Like Kendrick particularly, but even people like Juice WRLD and Xxxtentacion.

    The same for the Kendrick and Drake (the nonce) beef which has given some rabbit holes to go down.

    So I’m wondering what I can do to keep in the loop with my younger brothers and sisters?

    Is it something as simple as watching trending videos on YouTube (somtheing I’ve never done) or are there people to follow etc. I don’t like Twitter though so hopefully it’s not that.

    Edit: Man I got so many replies. You guys are awesome. I am going to work my way through them all today, but I’m hella tired and off to work so may take a while. I will reply to you all.

    Edit part deux: God damn I think I got all the replies.


    Is any body able to provide some advice to help my friend through a bad patch?

    So I’m a bit of a degenerate but making better choices lately and sort of getting things on track.

    My friend had some health issues and had to stop working, my other friend now does all the labour, and he just runs the business.

    He then split with his partner who he has children, as frankly he would never be at home and it was always going to happen.

    I just found out the health condition has gotten worse and he will have to lose a leg. He never improved his diet, kept hitting the coke hard and gambling. So recently he has gambled away £35,000 and had a breakdown with another friend.

    How do I even be there for him and keep him on a good path, providing he is open to change.


    I just heard about Brazilian Butt Lifts which is a procedure where they take fat deposits from somewhere on your body and place it in your butt?

    My question is once this procedure has been completed and say the person really got into some heavy cardio and thus were burning a lot of fat would the body be able to burn the fat that was moved to the buttocks or does it not have the associated blood vessels to enable this?

    I’m not even sure if that’s how lipids are metabolised, but I assume it’s through the blood.


    What’s this bug?

    I added links to three images in a comment and it only renders one, has an infinite scroll of black, and crashes the app.

    I can submit on GitHub if preferred.


    Can you separate the art from the artist?

    As the title says, I am wondering if people are able to separate the art from the antics of the artist.

    The reason I ask, is I wrote Kanye West off many years ago, that and me drifting away from Hip-Hop for a minute means I never heard MBDTF.

    MBDTF -> My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

    Well, I’ve been on a hip-hop trend again and decided to listen to something other than UK Drill and go back to the states. I wanted to listen to the most critically acclaimed albums, and Kanye was first. Next is Kendrick.

    OMG. What an album MBDTF is. Like out of this world for production value. I need to listen a few times to focus on the substance but god damn every track is a banger.

    Nobody IRL gives a shit so thought I’d ask here.


    Looking for advice as a junior software developer

    As the title say I am looking for some advice.

    I’m almost 6 months into my first role and it really isn’t what I expected.

    I’m late thirties and always had an interest in tech, but personal circumstances and a late start in life left me unsure if I was good enough.

    I did too many boot camps and in all them they discussed how in your first role you would get lots of support to help develop your skills.

    I work for a small company < 10. I don’t feel I get the support I expected.

    A lot of time the spec is kept in the lead engineers (owners) head and when given a task I get no timeframe, the task is given verbally with 100 words when I need 1000 words. It’s confusing to understand their vision so I’ll do something and either be told great or no that’s completely wrong.

    If wrong I’m not called out and they will spend a little more time going over what they want.

    The boss is always so busy that sometimes you feel like a burden asking for pointers.

    The tech stack is great but as a mature company they have refined the process over numerous projects and the newest will start as a copy of the last one, keeping all the shared hooks and stuff, so naturally it’s second nature to them and I feel stupid.

    I guess my question is is this normal and how do I write an email expressing these concerns and to gauge how I am doing?

    As an aside, there is no remote work and no headphones in the office, even though nobody really talks about work that often. So when is a good time to start looking for your second role.

    I feel like I flip between I am a god and can code anything and omg I know nothing show me the nearest bridge.



    I’ve been somewhat of a fuck up in life, now doing better but still struggle with things. More details below.

    So I was diagnosed with ADHD in my late thirties and before that I was a mess, job to job etc. then got lucky and worked for a company that afforded me the chance to study for my dream job without work pressure.

    I am now a software developer and although I went from being the smartest person in the groups I roamed to the dumbest person at work I still have half a foot in my old life of drugs and poor decisions (although the usage has dropped by 95% and I’ve got a good routine and go to bed early).

    I feel like a pretentious dick when at a party and someone asks what I do for work, I kinda feel ashamed saying I’m a software developer. Like a fraud I guess.

    How to stop this?

    Factorio dependencyinjection

    Wondering if anybody can provide a checklist of sorts? More details below.

    So I’m preface this by saying I love this game as it lets me just do things and forget about life for a while. But, I kind of suck at planning (ADHD) and so I’ll just end up watching play throughs and building what they build, where I would rather just play it on my own but I can never keep the motivation to see what I should do next.

    So I’m wondering is there some kind of checklist for each step.


    • Gather resources
    • Set up electric power
    • Get 1 red science per second set up
    • etc

    This is as worded hella poorly and I will delete if not well received.