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30 years on, South Africa's dream of unity lies shattered
  • I don't think that a post on Lemmy is going to do much to reveal much, but

    And yet, the suburbs outlying, for example, Cape town, are largely populated by white people who would be considered working/middle class by European standards.

    The generation of black leaders that are coming up now are the first generation that had even the remotest shot at a real education and such, so I would expect to see the balance tip significantly further in the coming two decades.

    What I do see - independent of skin color - in South Africa is massive separation of economic classes. The minimum wage is something like usd2/hr, maybe worse - but cars cost the same as in the western world, and home prices are largely similar as well.

    There is almost no hope for someone born into poverty to ever be able to own their own car, as they can't afford to stop scraping for food from the moment they are old enough to walk.

    That doesn't change based on skin color.

    Last year in Cape Town I had the pleasure and privilege of working with a lovely and skilled gentleman. He was born into near-poverty and managed to get himself into a reasonably decent I.T. job. He told me that legally he is 'coloured' but he grew up in a 'black' area. (Visually he looks very similar in skin tone to Wesley Snipes) He said the first thing he did when he got his first I.T. job was move to a 'white' neighborhood which "was pretty much all coloureds anyway" - I asked him to explain this to me, and long story short, he said that it wasn't about skin tone, but the level of violence and risk to property. He then showed me his stab wounds which he alleges he got "just for walking in a black neighborhood."

    So there is definitely a perception among the population that race is connected to status/economic advantage/etc. - but it doesn't necessarily represent today's reality.

    I stayed in a reasonably upscale hotel during that stay, and based on hotel breakfast attendance, I have no doubt that the race makeup of hotel guests was representative of the race makeup of the general population.

    There's no doubt in my mind that historically, white South Africans held all the cards, but for people born after the 80's that doesn't seem to be the case any more. The next couple of generations will see that flip completely, I think, but the wealth gap is so severe that the 'walking-dead-poor' class will continue for generations to come.

    All of this to say that disadvantaging Whites today because they were winning during apartheid isn't helping anyone except those at the top of the economic ladder.

  • Canada’s unions are united: Want our votes? Enhance our rights! | Canadian Labour Congress
  • Canada's unions are too big. Instead of many small unions who support each other with coordinated strikes, we've got unions so large that the union itself has become a corporation with employees who are unionized separately.

    All of those people being paid out of union dues from the guy stocking shelves in Foodland or equivalent.

    They now have their own agendas, and as often as not they're not doing what they were supposed to do - protect workers from exploitation.

    I've heard of unions grieving cases where an employee was dismissed with cause for gross negligence where he put other workers in harm's way, another where the employee claimed on their pay sheet "union business" for personal days used for hobby certifications, and worse. A friend of mine is in a union where they negotiated a collective agreement that stipulates the company doesn't promote based on merit or performance, but simply on seniority. It's resulted in a lot of unqualified or otherwise shitty people making the rest do their jobs for them.

    As a non-union employee in a company where the conditions are non-exploitative, I would be completely unwilling to join a union today.

  • You can fuck right off, HP
  • Yep. The last server I had that didn't require iLO advanced licence for post boot console was a Pentium 4-class xeon, and the iLO was a PCI card with extra cables to route standby power, keyboard, mouse, and the reset and soft-power switches. If I'm not mistaken, iLO 2.

  • The rise of the scammy car loan
  • My last car purchase I was thinking similarly, I ended up with a '14 with 80000km on it. Bank said "we can't give you a loan for that, but we can up your line of credit and you can use that" ...

  • Permanent Audio crackling after installing linux
  • I did some googling, and apparently many people have reported audio crackling/popping with 3070s. I don't know what your issue is in particular, but I would encourage you to look into MSI vs MSI-X interrupts, see if perhaps the audio part of your GPU driver isn't using them.

    This is old and is talking about running in a VM, but the core bits about checking if MSI-X interrupts are on and turning them on should still apply.

    Also worth checking is that you have resizable BAR enabled. Run

    nvidia-smi -q -x

    And look for bar1_memory_usage to be over 256MB

  • Broadcom has willingly dug its VMware hole, says cloud CEO
  • I was too, but as soon as I heard about the acquisition I started diversifying my non production kit for testing. I've now got Proxmox installed on an HPE DL380G10 with GPU pass thru, same on an HP Z440, and XenServer 8 installed on a pair of DL380G9 with MSA2040 backing storage.

    At home I've got both truenas scale and truenas core set up each on a z230.

    No matter what happens with the IT department at my office, I'm ready to either meet the new standards here, or go find work elsewhere.

  • I can't attach the heatsink/fan to my new (to me) socket 7 motherboard because the tabs are broken off.
  • The first board mount (actually through-board case mount) I recall seeing were HP socket 478. That horror-show of a socket also saw many plastic retention clip implementations that had a tendency to get brittle and crack. Socket 423 (which came before) had the same plastic junk mounts.

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