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Tesla to build 25,000-euro car at German plant
  • From what I've gathered, from personal experience and tests, the model Y from Germany and the model 3 from the Shanghai factories actually have comparable quality standards to the established European car makers. So, if they can keep the quality and deliver a model for 15k, which none of the other automakers are doing, I'm on board.

    Just look at VW. They only plan the ID2, which starts at 25k and only will arrive 2026...

  • Dim Inactive Windows to Help Focus Using a GNOME Extension
  • Let me give you another analogy: You see an article about a Firefox extension, click in but it is also not supported.

    Now lets say you are already annoyed your adblocker also doesn't work because Mozilla breaks extensions every few months.

    Then someone commented:

    I don't use adblock. (Or even the extension advertised) Most people use Chrome anyway. Not sure why that bothers you so much.

  • Why do even hybrid cars have 2 batteries?(12v + high-voltage)
  • Well in a technical sense you are also right, since the contactor for the main battery gets power from the 12v (albeit it's not a big load) Meaning if the 12v is completely dead the hv battery will not switch on and the motor will not start.

  • Why do even hybrid cars have 2 batteries?(12v + high-voltage)
  • The main reason why you will alway have a low voltage battery is safety: It is used to actuate the contactors for the HV Battery. You would not want un-switchable HV components. For example in the event of a crash the HV battery gets completely disconnected but airbags and indicators will still work. The 12v battery will get charged off the main hv battery if it gets low btw.

  • Android phone with alternative to iPhone’s camera
  • Mkbhd's blind test is a good resource, though for the standard scene i actually preferred the sony camera, which is interesting, considering i have a quite similar sony phone. So I think what you are used to is also a big factor!

  • *Permanently Deleted*
  • This is not at all a LED problem. It is just very poor execution. When we switched to LED in our and neighboring cities the light pollution went down very noticably. The switch should be used to use light smarter, not just blast more with higher efficiency. We now have some streets that even have motion sensing and dim to 5% power when not in use.

  • SUSE plan on forking RHEL and make a RHEL compatible distro available for everyone
  • Hmm i hope, especially with them mentioning cov19, that this is only the standard boilerplate legal defense stuff. It would make sense to not have the whole company going down if this side project fails

    They do have exactly the same on their other news posts.

  • Linux Distro
  • openSUSE (tumbleweed):

    • rolling distro but actually stable ( unlike arch ;) )
    • snapshots per default
    • has one of, if not the most advanced sys management gui
    • buildservice (similar to the aur)
    • most feature rich installer
    • almost all desktop environments are available ( KDE, Gnome, XFCE, sway, cinnamon, etc)
    • best logo ^^

    Not that popular but technologically one of the best!

  • Looks like reddit's astroturfing campaign has also reached the opensuse subreddit

    The one comment on this post for example: