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"I thought *you* did!"
  • Honestly, I appreciate how they revisited this concept. It should have had radically profound ramifications for politics in the TNG Alpha Quadrant, but instead it was treated like a bottle episode. That always stuck in my craw a bit. That said, Disco is more concerned with the technology angle than "oh hey, we're all from the same place aren't we" part of it.

  • "I thought *you* did!"
  • Agreed. Prime example is Booker, who is best man, worst man, conscientious objector, space terrorist, scoundrel, hero, resourceful, feckless, social pariah, best friend, the right man for the job, the worst man for the job, and all-round good guy, at the same time.

    Edit: after typing that I'm starting to think that writers are having fistfights over where to take his character.

  • I can't believe it tastes different
  • You say this, but then I used to read r/justrolledintotheshop. People outright fail at substituting engine oil for engine oil from time to time. The kind of person that would try applesauce probably wouldn't be doing more self harm than otherwise.

  • xkcd #2932: Driving PSA
  • thinking Stop Sign will make people stop lmao

    This is America. The only valid traffic control structure is one that is predicated on mutually assured destruction. Anything less is namby-pamby socialist propaganda.

  • xkcd #2932: Driving PSA
  • Yes, and the only safe (and often time-saving) answer is to just turn right and then make U-turn later. Fortunately we have "right on red" as a legal maneuver here, so that softens the blow a bit. And yes, a civilized response to this nonsense would be a roundabout but we're mostly allergic to those (they are gaining traction in places though).

    Often, these intersections rely on traffic lights to be navigable during anything resembling normal traffic. Without it, it's also kind of miserable for everyone waiting for oncoming traffic to clear in order to turn.

    The only time I've witnessed this "wave someone out" technique as a good thing was where two-lane road traffic was too dense for local traffic to join. But that's a regional thing in the US (around Massachusetts by my reckoning). At the same time I've also seen folks there blindly apply that grace to situations where it does not belong, like highway on-ramps.

    Also, while we're talking about safety, don't forget the 45mph delta between the stopped lane turning left and the traffic whizzing by mere inches from the stopped cars. Some places have a wide raised curb between these two lanes, but most do not.

  • Human rights
  • I am not a Doctor.

    At the risk of providing TMI, one way to go is to basically schedule it by training your body to go at consistent times of day. Eventually, your circadian rhythms and your bowel work together and you're on track. More from actual doctors here; advice is for constipation but the gist is the same.

    Edit: strong coffee with breakfast really helps.

  • Congrats to all 2024 college graduates!
  • Oh, it's more disgusting than that. You can re-finance which brings your monthly payment lower than what you could possibly afford when buying the same house anew. Yeah, the 30-year horizon for paying off gets reset, but there are ways to work around that.

    Back when I was renting the landlord offered a 3-year instead of a 1-year lease. I immediately asked "does that mean I get a discount on rent or lock-in a rate?" When they told me "no", I asked "why would I do that?" Renters really have no such luxuries.

  • xkcd #2932: Driving PSA
  • Rules of the road:

    1. Be predictable
    2. Nobody else is predictable
    3. Everyone is indifferent to your existence; you are merely a car to them
    4. Your phone wants to kill you - leave it alone
    5. The faster you go, the less of a difference 5mph makes - be safe, not fast
    6. FFS maintain your damn car
  • xkcd #2932: Driving PSA
  • Runner up is the assassin that seizes the traffic circle, instigating collisions behind them, just to let someone in out of turn. Only their MO is to delay or prevent a destiny altering meeting of some kind; an advanced tactic.

  • Students walk out during Jerry Seinfeld’s commencement speech at Duke
  • I found that the clowning/assholery in Seinfeld was just too close to plausible to clock as humor most of the time, while picking on small and petty things; it's a little too real. I don't think that comes from conceit, but rather, a generation gap and all the insensitivity that comes with it. Just add a little casual violence and it's peak boomer-era humor. That said, Seinfield was its best when the stories were less believable and cruel.

    The other shows you cite put these humor beats way over the top which is far more paletteable, IMO.

  • A new trolley era
  • I am not a lawyer.

    I think an argument can be made that a moving vehicle is no different than a lethal weapon, and the autopilot, nothing more than a safety mechanism on said weapon. Which is to say the person in the driver's seat is responsible for the safe operation of that device at all times, in all but the most compromised of circumstances (e.g. unconscious, heart attack, taken hostage, etc.).

    Ruling otherwise would open up a transportation hellscape where violent acts are simply passed off to insurance and manufacturer as a bill. No doubt those parties would rush to close that window, but it would be open for a time.

    Cynically, a corrupt government in bed with big monied interests would never allow the common man to have this much power to commit violence. Especially at their expense, fiscal or otherwise.

    So just or unjust, I think we can expect the gavel to swing in favor of pushing all liability to the driver.

  • InsanePeopleFacebook dejected_warp_core
    I just learned that the Time Cube is no more.

    Some of you may remember this absolute diamond of insanity that was the "4-Day Time Cube." This was the go-to example of the internet as a universal amplifier for communication - for both the sane and insane alilke. It was there from nearly the start of the world-wide web, back in the 1990's. Alas, it ceased to be some time ago, but it still lives on in our hearts.

    For the uninitiated: welcome. Read and join the rest of us that are "educated stupid."

    Amateur documentary:

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