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Setting up for python development is incredibly frustrating
  • Funny story, the full project uses pandas which pulls in numpy and I was running into issues there too. I think it was saying I was trying to import numpy from within it's own source tree, which was weird.

    Although I couldn't get any venv approach working with it, having the pandas package in my flake allowed it to import.

    There's just such a mix of different issues with each approach that it's so hard to navigate. I feel close with poetry2nix though, just gotta get it runnable lol

  • Setting up for python development is incredibly frustrating
  • I only tried adding qt6.full because of the missing libs. Without qtbase, though, the shell fails to build with

    wrapQtAppsHook qtHostPathHook: qtPluginPrefix is unset. hint: add qt6.qtbase to buildInputs

    I would assume the full package would basically be like base plus more, but I don't know lol

  • Setting up for python development is incredibly frustrating

    I've tried just about every type of setup I can find for a nix shell with python.

    I don't want to purely use nixpkgs for a lack of some packages and broken packages. I'm trying to use pyside6, but not everything in pyside6 is provided by the package, e.g. tools like uic.

    Attempting to use a venv as normal leads to a disconnect between the env and system with unable to be found. There are a various different flakes I've tried to use like the-nix-way/dev-templates#python and others from forum discussions which add to no avail.

    I think the farthest I've gotten is with poetry/poetry2nix, where auto-patchelf warns about missing libQt6 libraries. Running with nix run fails to 'find all the required dependencies' even when adding qt6.qtbase or qt6.full to the packages. This is that flake, taken from the poetry2nix github with an added devshell:

    ``` { description = "Python application packaged using poetry2nix";

    inputs = { nixpkgs.url = "github:NixOS/nixpkgs/nixos-unstable"; poetry2nix.url = "github:nix-community/poetry2nix"; };

    outputs = { self, nixpkgs, poetry2nix }: let system = "x86_64-linux"; # Adjust for your system pkgs = nixpkgs.legacyPackages.${system}; inherit (poetry2nix.lib.mkPoetry2Nix { inherit pkgs; }) mkPoetryApplication; in { packages.${system}.default = mkPoetryApplication { projectDir = ./.; };

    apps.${system}.default = { type = "app"; program = "${self.packages.${system}.default}/bin/app"; };

    devShells.${system}.default = pkgs.mkShell { packages = [ pkgs.poetry ]; buildInputs = [ pkgs.qt6.qtbase pkgs.qt6.full pkgs.qt6.wrapQtAppsHook ]; }; }; } ```

    It seems kind of hopeless to get it working on NixOS. Does anyone have a working setup I could use for inspiration, or any other tips? I love the nix paradigm, but I'm honestly considering distrohopping with all of the trouble.


    Why might my treesitter symbols be empty?

    I'm on NixOS and slowly working through neovim config.

    I have treesitter installed with all grammars and it's set up in lua. When I run :TSymbols, it pops open a window showing -----treesitter-----, but no symbols are shown from the (python) code I have open.

    All of the setup is put in place by the config flake I'm using, but I don't think there's any additional stuff to add for symbols to work. The treesitter section in the resulting init.lua from nix looks like this:

    require('nvim-treesitter.configs').setup({ ["context_commentstring"] = { ["enable"] = false }, ["highlight"] = { ["enable"] = true }, ["incremental_selection"] = { ["enable"] = false, ["keymaps"] = { ["init_selection"] = "gnn", ["node_decremental"] = "grm", ["node_incremental"] = "grn", ["scope_incremental"] = "grc" } }, ["indent"] = { ["enable"] = false }, ["refactor"] = { ["highlight_current_scope"] = { ["enable"] = false }, ["highlight_definitions"] = { ["clear_on_cursor_move"] = true, ["enable"] = false }, ["navigation"] = { ["enable"] = false, ["keymaps"] = { ["goto_definition"] = "gnd", ["goto_next_usage"] = "<a-*>", ["goto_previous_usage"] = "<a-#>", ["list_definitions"] = "gnD", ["list_definitions_toc"] = "gO" } }, ["smart_rename"] = { ["enable"] = false, ["keymaps"] = { ["smart_rename"] = "grr" } } } })

    Does anyone use NixNeovim to configure their Neovim?
  • Oh, by the way, is the padding issue due to the window size? When I run on tiling compositors, the full window is uneven with respect to character width so there's space on the bottom and side. I'm not sure if there's a way to fix it running in the terminal other than resizing so it's even. Don't know if you're tiling or not.

  • Does anyone use NixNeovim to configure their Neovim?
  • Nixvim is great too. Nixneovim was originally forked from it, apparently. And now that I've been thinking about it, I'm pretty sure the reason I ended up using nixneovim was indeed the way it handles direct vim options, and maybe less need for extraConfig? I've slowly been configuring more as well and didn't want to be confused learning vim config and having to figure out how to convey that in nix.

    So that's a thought if you find yourself having the same trouble! It's not just a lot of config, but layers and layers and layers lol. Looking at you, lua in string literals.

  • Does anyone use NixNeovim to configure their Neovim?

    I'm getting back into my setup after dualbooting and not touching it for a while. Flakes, home-manager, all that jazz. I was in the middle of messing around with my neovim config, bouncing between nixvim and nixneovim. Can't really remember why I was landing on nixneovim, but I think it had to do with having more 1-to-1 vim options through nix and more available plugins.

    Part of this post is just to see what everyone's using, but I also can't copy to the system clipboard for the life of me! No ctrl-shift-v or anything. Oddly enough, ctrl-click-drag will copy a cut-off box of text. In nixneovim there's an option for clipboard, but that's just a string like 'unnamed' or 'unnamedplus', straight from the vim options. Nixvim has the option abstracted in a way that has the register and a provider for the functionality like wl-copy. I don't remember it not working with nixneovim before. That was months ago, though. Hoping someone would have an insight as I've been too deep in the weeds.

    Edit: sooooo I just needed xclip in home.packages. I had tried installing it in a nix shell, but maybe that wasn't the right way to test. Doesn't seem to work with wl-clipboard, but I think neovim looks for xclip by default and nixneovim doesn't seem to have a way to give a different provider.

    But still, how's everyone doing their neovim shenanigans?

    Linux May Be the Best Way to Avoid the AI Nightmare
  • I'm actually sad that the state of AI deserves the hate it gets. Neural networks are so sick, just going through the example of detecting a diagonal on a 2x2 grid was like magic to me. And they made me second guess simulation theory for quite a while lmao

    Tangentially, blockchain was a similar phenomenon for me. Or at least trust networks. One idea was to just throw away Certificate Authorities. Basically federate all the things, and this was before we knew about the fediverse. It gets all the hate because of crypto, but it's cool tech. The CA thing would probably lead to a bad place too, though.

  • I built the first 100% private, on-device "For You" feed on the fediverse
  • Apologies for the late comment. So this is a full-fledged frontend like photon or alexandrite, but with this recommendation engine built in? On first glance, it looks so much more responsive and lightweight! I'm really wondering what you've done that other big frontends haven't lol, no broken images or anything! If you do end up going open source, I might consider actually contributing to something for once. I'd love to help build out some features.

    Edit: After using it for a few minutes, wtf, it's snappier than lemmy itself. And the community search, wow! Maybe a pretty ui does something to perception, I dunno. I am assuming you have barrels of cache lol.

  • Okay this is getting a bit real now Duo, thanks 💔
  • I want to venture into some of the french speaking parts of lemmy, but I'm scared and it's been waaaay too long lmao. And I definitely wish I could just "get" it like I get english (for the most part), but idk the hopes of that for a second language. Probably have to move to France lol

    Like even the way native speakers type and talk is nowhere near "proper" most of the time, but it's the language. And I wish I could do that in french, ya know? Hey, maybe Quebec will do!

    Aaand I upset the native french speaker even more now.

  • Okay this is getting a bit real now Duo, thanks 💔
  • That makes sense. I always took it as ce is a more general "it" while il refers more to people or places, but I'm sure that doesn't always hold true. And apparently ce is only used as a subject with être for the most part. I'm too analytical to just understand without digging in lol