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Why Assassin's Creed has lost its identity?
  • Oh man, I get it, but I loved Unity for the co-op features! Trying to sneak around an apartment with your friend only to get discovered, sudden panic and hauling ass out of a window, was hilarious. I really missed that in the other AC games.

  • At IT School with Apple Lisa
  • Great blog post!

  • First sourdough bread
  • It's just a little trivet made out of wood. I just grabbed the closest thing I had, to out it on while it cooled off :)

  • First sourdough bread
  • You're right, rookie mistake!

  • First sourdough bread
  • That looks great, thanks for the suggestion! Hope you're getting better, I've had simliar periods in my life.

  • First sourdough bread
  • Be fitting for my level of creativity I suppose :D

  • First sourdough bread
  • Yeah, I actually had the dough in a proofing basket we got at the course (on our 3 hr drive home), which worked great. Ah right, TIL of bread lames, that's what our instructor had :)

  • First sourdough bread
  • Thanks a lot! I agree, I was afraid to go too deep on the scoring. Our baker on the course had a cool scalpel like tool with just the right height on the blade, but at home I was limited to knives and scissors and I sort of errored on the side of caution.

  • First sourdough bread

    I attended a sourdough baking course yesterday, and this is the result - hot out of the cast iron pot.

    I'm usually on the consuming side of things, so it was nice to get a chance to learn the process and make it along a proper baker (although kneading by hand was a tough workout!).

    I'll let it cool off a bit, and then get a slice with some cold salty butter :)

    Seeking assistance setting up traefik with wireguard server
  • Have you tried accessing your service url from inside the Traefik container? Eg. wget Also you seem to be accessing the service url with https, which usually requires insecureSkipVerify=true. Otherwise you might get http-500 error downstream.

  • Seeking assistance setting up traefik with wireguard server
  • How about the Traefik access logs (separate from the main log), do they reveal anything?

  • Seeking assistance setting up traefik with wireguard server
  • Just a few thoughts:

    • Did you enable access logs in Traefik as well as setting global log level to debug? This usually gives a lot more info about whats going on
    • Are the containers using the same docker network or host network, so they can reach each other?
  • Meta's Llama 3 will force OpenAI and other AI giants to up their game
  • I like how the license explicitly says the you can't use it if your product/service has more than 700 million monthly active users in the preceding calendar month. I wonder if even OpenAI has that many active users, can't have right?

  • any of you guys meditate?
  • Yes, for many years now. Big fan as well :)

  • Examples of artists using OpenAI's Sora (generative video) to make short content
  • Speculating here, but I think it may be difficult to use Sora to generate "persistent" characters across scenes and thereby telling an actual story.

  • Apple Wants To Kill PWAs
  • Except stuff like push notifications, that requires the pwa to be added to home screen.

  • Apple Vision Pro tipped for late Jan/early Feb release
  • Same people and companies that buy high-end headsets such as Varjo XR-4.

  • YSK that chiropractors are not medical doctors and "Systematic reviews... have found no evidence that chiropractic manipulation is effective"
  • This. My friend had a triple stroke shortly after having neck manipulation done by a standin for his usual chiropractor. Luckily he survived, but it has very much opened my eyes to how dangerous it can be.

  • How to check who's lurking on your WiFi?
  • Also note that mac addresses can change automatically on iOS, because of the Private Wifi Address feature