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AP Explains: 4/20 grew from humble roots to marijuana's high holiday
  • Most activists are active year round, not just one day a year. Give them that one day to unwind and show people why the plant isn't a harmful substance and remind them why they're fighting to prove it's right to be legal.

    Plus a lot of countries are legalizing in the west. Not everyone lives in the USA.

  • Double-swiping the rewards card led to free gas for months — and a felony theft charge
  • Seems to me like the reward was free gas.

    If you've developed your system that the rewards card can provide a bypass to free fuel, your system is the flawed one and it isn't on the customer to provide feedback. This isn't a user testing scenario, they should have solved this bug before it went to production.

    People aren't responsible for cheaply built solutions.

  • ‘We stand here as Jewish men who refute the Holocaust being hijacked’: Jonathan Glazer calls for end to Gaza attacks at Oscars
  • Am I crazy or have I not seen most of the Jewish population speaking out against what the Israeli government is doing? Isn't it something like an 85% disapproval rate of their government of Israeli citizens too? This is what is making me confused with a lot of the attacks I've seen on the Jewish population of the world, it seems they're much more against the governments actions than I've been reading Palestinian peoples views of Hamas.

  • More than 20,000 Concordia, McGill university students set to strike over tuition increases
  • I guess what I'm trying to say is that the government would see this need for more income through local students/the set of international students they have coming in, so they'd have to raise it for the schools themselves.

    It's more just a money in/money out comment. Not sure I said it was the universities increasing the tuition themselves.

  • More than 20,000 Concordia, McGill university students set to strike over tuition increases
  • With the amount of international students being brought in, I thought this was to be expected? Unless they cut the bloat in their systems (which I feel is the least likely it has seemed) then tuition of local students will have to be increased to make up for that lost income.

  • GM Reverses All-In EV Strategy to Bring Back Plug-In Hybrids
  • Thanks for the in depth response explaining the pros and cons. I actually do most of my car work myself, having done time in a Honda dealership, but also with my time in there I still remember us oil techs not being allowed to work on the hybrids oil changes for that exact reason. They'd have to go to a higher tech with the experience working with them. I don't think I would want to test my luck.

  • It's just business
  • Row houses maybe, but there's an adversity to condo fees which usually come along with every other source of housing. A lot of people want to feel like they own their home outright, so that once their mortgage is done being paid off, all they need to worry about is the hydro, water, and property taxes. There's a lot of stories about condo groups doubling condo fees that put others off those types of places.

  • It's important to relax, Commander.
  • Only during the steam sale did I buy the new Three Kingdoms Total War. I had spent enough time in R:TW traversing Europe, so naturally it was time to take my skills to the east.

    2000 hours later...