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What's the most expensive thing you've come to own that you've never gotten to fully use?
  • I got a pretty nice Yamaha bluray player that was an appropriate match to my home theatre amp.

    Put a bluray in it, got a piracy warning, a few unskippable ads for other movies, an obnoxious excessively drawn out animated menu screen that stuttered like hell and was laggy to use.

    Pulled the bluray back out of it, stuck it back in the DVD drawer and proceeded to download a copy of the movie to watch. Been doing that ever since.

  • What's a good graphics card for jellyfin?
  • The most impressed I've been with hardware encoding and decoding is with the built in graphics on my little NUC.

    I'm using a NUC10i5FNH which was only barely able to transcode one vaguely decent bitrate stream in software. It looked like passing the hardware transcoding through to a VM was too messy for me so I decided to reinstall linux straight on the hardware.

    The hardware encoding and decoding performance was absolutely amazing. I must have opened up about 20 jellyfin windows that were transcoding before I gave up trying and called it good enough. I only really need about 4 maximum.

    The graphics on the 10th generation NUC's is the same sort of thing that is on the 9th gen and 10th gen desktop cpu's, so if you have and intel cpu with onboard graphics give it a try.

    It's way less trouble than the last time I built a similar setup with NVidia. I haven't tried a Radeon card yet, but the jellyfin docs are a bit more negative about AMD.

  • What's the most peculiar place you've seen a bird make its nest?
  • A couple of seagulls made their nest in the cooling vent for the radiator of one of our backup generators. I caught it on our security cameras and mentioned it to management which resulted in folks being dispatched to evict them and clean up the giant pile of sticks and other junk they had dragged in.

    Not sure what would have happened next time the thing started, so it was probably for the best. I still felt bad.

  • An elderly couple were billed £200 for pay-per-view adult films they claim they never ordered
  • There's no way of knowing what happened there.

    But back in the mid to late 2000's we had a whole bunch of residential internet customers and every so often one would blow their traffic cap by a bunch and would ring up and say "Your billing system is wrong!".

    Then whoever could be bothered in the office would do some modest analysis on their netflow data and come up with something like "18% of your traffic this month was, 33% was and 9% was

    We never knew if whoever was on the phone was the raging porn addict or it was one of their associates. Either way they would say "Oh well, I guess we will never know then. Thanks for your help. Bye.". Followed by them quietly paying the bill.

  • YouTube needs more potato
  • Haha, 144p @ 60hz is fricking hilarious.

    Reminds me of seeing completely rubbish resolution real player videos embedded in websites back in the late 90s and me thinking, "Well that isn't ever going to take off".

  • Ubuntu 22.04 has difficulty reading from SSDs
  • I just read the update to the post saying that the issue has been narrowed down to the NTFS driver. I haven't used NTFS on linux since the NTFS fuse driver was brand new and still wonky as hell something like 15 years ago, so I don't know much about it.

    However, it sounds like the in kernel driver was still pretty fresh in 5.15, so doing as you have suggested and trying out a 6.5 kernel instead is a pretty good call.

  • Ubuntu 22.04 has difficulty reading from SSDs
  • If you haven't already, try running hdparm on your drive to get an idea of if the drives are at least doing large raw reads straight off the disk at an appropriate performance level.

    This is output from the little NUC I'm using right now:

    # lsblk
    sda      8:0    0 465.8G  0 disk 
    ├─sda1   8:1    0   512M  0 part /boot/efi
    ├─sda2   8:2    0 464.3G  0 part /
    └─sda3   8:3    0   976M  0 part [SWAP]
    # hdparm -i /dev/sda
     Model=Samsung SSD 860 EVO 500GB, FwRev=RVT02B6Q, SerialNo=S3YANB0KB24583B
    # hdparm -t /dev/sda
     Timing buffered disk reads: 1526 MB in  3.00 seconds = 508.21 MB/sec

    If your results are really poor for this test then it points more at the drive / cable / controller / linux controller driver.

    If the results are okay, then the issue is probably something more like a logical partitioning / filesystem driver issue.

    I'm not sure what a good benchmark application for Linux that tests the filesystem layer as well is other than bonnie++ which has been around forever. Someone else might have a more current idea of something to use for this.

  • Ubuntu 22.04 has difficulty reading from SSDs
  • It might help for the folks here to know which brand and model of SSDs you have, what sort of sata controllers the sata ones are plugged into and what sort of cpu and motherboard the nvme one is connected to.

    What I can say is Ubuntu 22.04 doesn't have some mystery problem with SSDs. I work in a place where we have in the order of 100 Ubuntu 22.04 installs running with SSDs, all either older intel ones or newer samsung ones. They go great.

  • what was your favorite thing about your first car?
  • 1988 Nissan Skyline GT with an RB20DET.

    It was abandoned by my uncle at our place when he moved overseas and subsequently my sister drove it around a bit. Eventually it leaked coolant from the water pump, overheated and blew a head gasket because she wasn't paying attention.

    I was unemployed and bored and I decided to pull it apart and bought all the bits to fix it. I didn't really know anything about mechanical stuff at the time, but I am good at logic and try not to be useless at practical stuff even though I'm really a computer geek. I drove it around for a bunch of years after that until I was earning enough money that I could buy something I wanted which was a Mitsubshi EVO 1.

    So to answer the question, favorite thing was that I rescued it from oblivion even though I didn't know much about cars or engines at the time.

  • Nvidia is on a different planet | Youtube | Gamers nexus
  • The situation is mostly reversed on Linux. Nvidia has fewer features, more bugs and stuff that plain won't work at all. Even onboard intel graphics is going to be less buggy than a pretty expensive Nvidia card.

    I mention that because language model work is pretty niche and so is Linux ( maybe similar sized niches? ).

  • Unsmart a smart TV
  • The samsung TV that I bought for my son had this annoying overlay thing that pops up when you turn it on that shows all the different inputs and nags about various things it thinks are wrong with the world. It is plugged into an Nvidia shield that we do most things on, but you can't use the shield until the overlay calms the fuck down and disappears.

    It'd be great if you could just have the thing turn on and display an input like our older TVs do.

  • Lemmy Babies of the Rexodus - it's been 9 months, how has Lemmy changed you?
  • I learned what a tankie is, which is fun.

    I've been commenting a bit, whereas on reddit I would only post a comment a few times a year when I could be bothered dealing with the likely burst of negativity that would come as a response to it.

    Kind of feels a bit more like Web 1.9 or so from about 2003 which I think was about the sweet spot for minimal rage bait and crazy and still a decent bit of user interaction and scale.

    It would be about perfect if you could chop out a few of the folks trying to shoehorn in politics to every little thing.

  • Do you daily drive Wayland, if so since when, if not when will you?
  • Appreciate the reply. Which desktop environment are you using?

    My only experience with Wayland is also with KDE. Wheres for the 27-ish years before that I've used all sorts of stuff with X.

    I've scripted the machine that drives the frontend for our video surveilance ssytem to place windows exactly where I want them when it comes up.

    I use a couple of dbus triggers that make the TV on the wall in my garage go to sleep from the shell, perhaps not tested via ssh though. They were pretty well the functional equivalent of some xset dpms commands that I used to use. Not sure if that is what you were meaning. I think I also had something working that disabled the output altogether. I think that was pretty clunky as it used some sort of screen ID that would occasionally change. Sorry I'm hazy on the details, I'm old.

    I'll try it all out when I get home, I've got to find some old serial crap for a coworker in the garage anyway.

  • Do you daily drive Wayland, if so since when, if not when will you?
  • Which workflows? Asking because I'd like to experiment with some edge case stuff.

    I'm running KDE with wayland on multiple different vintage machines with AMD and intel graphics and it would take alot for me to go back to the depressing old mess that was X.

    The biggest improvement in recent times was absolutely pulling out all my Nvidia cards and putting in second hand Radeon cards, but switching to wayland fixed all the dumb interactions between VRR ( and HDR ) capable monitors of mixed refresh rates.

    Even the little NUC that drives the three 4k TV's for the security cameras at work is a little happier with wayland, running for weeks now with hardware decoding, rather than X crashing pretty well every few days.

  • Do you daily drive Wayland, if so since when, if not when will you?
  • Last week I did an install of Debian 12 on a little NUC7CJYH to use for web browsing and ssh sessions into work and ended up with wayland by default. Seems to work great.

    From what I have experienced, it goes great with intel integrated graphics, great with a radeon card and can be made to work with Nvidia if you are lucky or up for a fight.

  • Families ‘hung out to dry’ by new restrictions on disability support
  • That is a great point. Even if you look at it from a total psychopath accountant's point of view, chucking a few scraps at the parents to keep them from totally giving up is a tiny fraction of the cost of the alternatives.

    When our child was diagnosed the fairly bulky information pack that the DHB gave us had this depressing sheet at the start with a foreword that said you need to rethink any goals you might have had for your child. In the same section there was something to the effect that more than half of marriages where a child has this diagnosis end in divorce.

    I was freaking amazed they would put that in writing ( even if it is true! ). I told my partner that she would be best to skip the start and look at the rest of the information.

  • Families ‘hung out to dry’ by new restrictions on disability support
  • I'm one of the parents of a child that qualifies us for this funding. It was fairly challenging for us to find an angle to use it prior to the changes, and after them it is very close to useless.

    The kids covered by it often can't leave their homes without a huge amount of distress ( think of the worst meltdown your neurotypical kid has ever had ). Parents of kids at the higher end of the autism spectrum are often being hit and bit every day. Finding anyone who will deal with this for the $80 a day respite funding is often incredibly unrealistic.

    The single brain celled analysis of the minister complaining about pedicures being paid for with respite money annoys the hell out of me. Having a kid at the extremes of disability is a life sentence. It is a marathon rather than a sprint. Your kid might never smile at you or thank you ever for a life time of care. If a pedicure is what will fit in the hour and a half window that you can arrange for the your kid to be safe, and it keeps you going for the next couple of weeks I think is an absolute bargain.

    Stuff that might seem frivolous on its face like buying lego or games might be the only option for some parents to get a couple of hours without needing to wrangle their kids.

    We have a great kid that is towards the more high functioning end of the autism spectrum and are in a financial position where it doesn't matter that much to us. I feel horribly bad for anyone who was making good use of this funding and now are facing having to go it alone again.

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