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Linus Tech Tips (LTT) release investigation results on former accusations
  • "We've thoroughly investigated ourselves and found we did nothing wrong"

    Is anyone shocked?

    e: imagine being so pathetic you get your rocks off by being a ltt boot licker. Oh wait at least 30 of you don't need to imagine that do you.

  • Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0 question

    Yes, it's ancient.. 2.3.5. I got it working again but it wouldn't charge. Plugging it in would turn it on automatically but then that's it. Changing it to the correct time and date suddenly made it start charging like normal. I don't recall that being a thing, is it just an oddity or am I forgetting something that was common?

    For those curious what I'm going to do with it, I have no Idea. I rooted it long ago but it's so out of date now I'm not sure what it even could be used for practically beyond as a glorified mp3 player.

    Text entry padding (request)

    The comment reply box could use a little padding around it, and the text above containing what is being replied to needs some padding because it's near impossible to copy that first letter on a line.

    Also a feature request: a button to add the text as a quote automatically.

    How is the instance decided?

    In the screenshot you can see several posts from the same community shown as coming through two logged in accounts. Does it just randomly choose which account, first come first displayed, something else?

    The idea behind multiple accounts is so my feed remains mostly usable when an instance goes down. The first one I signed up to ( went down after it upgraded and hasn't yet come back, the second one has been up and down ( and I decided to sign up to 4 total for redundancy, and because eventually there will be a way to tie the accounts together in a cohesive way.

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