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What popular product do you think is modern day snakeoil?
  • While I'm going to ignore your clear issues regarding other people's weight, there's 258 million people, if a quarter of them spend $100 a year on "protein shakes" there's your 6.5 billion, and now that number seems low.

  • Shit...
  • He sold it into PayPal, then bought it back from PayPal a couple years ago.

    Not sure how trademarks work, but I think it gets stickier when it's used for different purposes. like how there's Starcraft trailers and the game.

  • Congress Just Made It Basically Impossible to Track Taylor Swift’s Private Jet
  • It's a giga-stupid post, barely worth refuting, but private jets are not cars.

    You can track every flight I've ever been on, if you know the flight number, or plane ID. Now billionaires have their own special carve out.

  • Open Links in Private/Incognito Mode?

    Is there a way to open external links in private mode by default?

    I am on Android with Firefox, and there's no way to copy the links out of a post, so it opens in the "powered by Firefox" half browser thing, and id rather open every link in private mode, or have the option to long-press and copy.