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  • Hasn't been updated in a couple years?

  • Rabbit: $30,000,000 AI Is Hiding a Scam
  • I don't know about hardware, but they marketed that you'd be able to interact with an AI that would use your apps for you, via what they called a Large Action Model. None of those apps currently work, because they all are likely getting defeated up front by Captchas and other roadblocks companies put up to stop automated usage of their services.

  • Google updates Snapseed for Android
  • As with most of their good products

  • Study finds a quarter of all webpages from 2013 to 2023 no longer exist
  • This isn't just personal sites. Large blogs (Gawker), whole news sites (Vice), and other content no longer exist, because cynical corporate parasites bought them out. Newspapers that exist from before the internet era are arguably better archived on microfilm, Google Books etc, than today's news. The Internet Archive and other sites exist, but they are nonprofit and can't keep up with the sheer scale of content being pulled down. Also strongly disagree with your assertion that some sites don't need to be saved. The whole point of archiving is that we often can't judge what is important to future generations

  • 'Google Cast' is replacing the 'Chromecast built-in' brand
  • Gemini soon to be rebranded Allo Assistant All Access Chat

  • Spotify will kill Car Thing units later this year, tells owners to throw them away
  • Well I would like the option to use it as a simple media control. It only has 500 mb RAM so it's not going to do well with a lot of local media playback

  • Dike (geology)

    Once you know what they look like, you start seeing them more and more places!

    Pica (disorder)
  • We had a dog who would eat rocks, and also stray bits of cement. Another dog would chow down on potting soil. Had them both tested for nutritional deficiencies with nothing out of the ordinary! Very mysterious. On the other hand, I have known someone with chronic anemia who told me a handful of sand sounded delicious. They didn't partake, but it was a bewildering urge they noticed having.

  • Gemini is the new Google+
  • yes, I find Gemini actually not bad when it comes to my specific use case of showing generic examples for R programming, so I can figure out the syntax for my actual code. I don't try to have it generate actual code for me because my topic of marine biogeochemistry is far too specific for it to have any idea how to work with it. Unlike ChatGPT, which often makes up nonsense functions or hallucinates whole packages, Gemini seems to do ok. I also found it pretty good for generating images of natural subjects. It did the best job of generating a pic of a giant clam of any image generator I've tried. I would never trust factual information from Gemini. So like Google+, it's a pretty good product that in no way should be shunted into search results, Google Docs and other places where its output is not relevant, yet that is exactly the trap Google is falling into again.

  • Gemini is the new Google+

    Google's cutting-edge AI technology has a familiar connection to the past — and in this case, that isn't a good thing.

    Gemini is the new Google+
    Evil maid attack
  • Will never forget the moment in 8th grade when the dude next to me in library SSHed into my computer and I was like what is this magic?? :O

  • Turbidity current
  • One of those hidden things about the world we still know so little about, yet are actually extremely important

  • Maria Sibylla Merian

    Entomologist whose contributions were important and influential to understanding of insect metamorphosis!

    0 Trump's social media account shares a campaign video with a headline about a 'unified Reich'

    A video posted to Donald Trump’s account on his social media network Monday included references to a “unified Reich."

    Trump's social media account shares a campaign video with a headline about a 'unified Reich'
    Breast-shaped hill
  • Voluminous

  • Glacial erratic
  • Wow, that's a big un!

  • Man gets realistic picture of his boat painted on fence intended to hide it

    A California man who was ordered to keep his boat out of sight has had the last laugh, by commissioning an artist to paint a realistic image of it on the fence that obscures it.

    Man gets realistic picture of his boat painted on fence intended to hide it
    Place names considered unusual
  • Marked NSFW due to perfectly innocuous cover image

  • Saemangeum Seawall
  • Yes, it is thought to have been a near death-blow to the spoon-billed sandpiper. Only a few hundred left.

  • CueCat
  • Reading your paper magazines in front of the desktop PC is the way of the future!

  • CueCat
  • It just reminds me of the useless AI doodads like Rabbit and Humane Pin coming out now. Solutions searching for a problem, artifacts of investor overenthusiasm

  • Shaq
  • I used to like Shaq, but he's been involved in promoting a lot of seriously sketchy stuff. He will put his name on literally anything if they pay him enough. Few celebrities put their name on more stupid scummy crypto bullshit. He lost my respect with that. I bet he had a financial relationship with Univ of Phoenix

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