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Has the Supreme Court just set the stage for more political violence?
  • Yet I bet the majority of americans are sitting behind the computer complaining about how much of a shithole country they live in, and are therefore submitting.

    If anybody take offense to my use of language, please remember that it is actually a presidential sentence. If your the people americans vote for can dish it, you can take it.

  • In celebration of Independence Day
  • Yeah please celebrate. Drink and party over the fact, that you've got a supreme court that voted to make presidents kings again. The current king won't do anything to stop the next king, and neither will the rest of america. Congratulations you guys!

    Funny meme though.

  • U.S. Supreme Court Ruling Will Allow More Aggressive Homeless Encampment Removals
  • You are doing so well america... And soon you will have a senile rapist criminal in office again, instead of the other old guy, whom is funding a genocide.

    Meanwhile you all sit there saying "remember to vote", while you watch Rome burn.

  • ‘Interview With the Vampire’ Director on Casting Tom Cruise Over Daniel Day-Lewis and the Backlash That Followed: ‘The Entire World’ Said ‘You Are Miscast’
  • “I finally got it,” Jordan wrote. “He had to live a life removed from the gaze of others. He had made a contract with the hidden forces, whatever they turned out to be. He had to hide in the shadows, even in the Hollywood sunlight. He would be eternally young. He was a star. He could well be Lestat.”

    Oh snap.

  • My journey so far. Time to work on tempo.

    ! !


    Started running for the first time, and wanted to show my progress to someone.

    Running distance over time. I still can't run 5k without walking about 20% of the way.

    And it's not going fast either, but I'm still proud of the progress. The data is keeping me going.

    EDIT: Thanks for the support! The legs still don't want to do, what I want them to. But they will learn, who's the boss eventually.