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Shrinkflation dandu3

Iced tea is now a 20 pack instead of a 24.

Loblaws is out of control dandu3

Iced tea is now a 20 pack instead of a 24 pack

I am outraged about this. Went to my local Maxi to pick up eggs (they were half price than others) and I saw this on top of something else. I get them from costco anyways, but this kind of shrinkflation is really annoying. Other soft drinks are probably going to get the same treatment

Asking a Linux user to recommend a printer
  • I've looked into them when buying a new printer. They're the cheapest laser you can buy, but the refills include the drums, which makes them way more expensive. They're also extremely small for a laser.

    I ended up buying an epson ecotank, which is a lot slower than a laser, but it's still on the original ink after 800+ pages and it's never been problematic even if I leave it for a couple months without printing. Doesn't seem to clog up like others have reported

  • Not the most auspicious start of a new year
  • Not true, I had a Philips toastsensor that apparently sensed the toast.

    It was good only to burn said toast. That toaster is now in the garbage and has been replaced by a regular one. Good riddance!