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America is in danger of Fascism
  • I can distinguish the definition for each, which is why I'm applying the label. I'm just using a different definition than you.

    To perpetuate supremacy and keep an in group and out group amongst all it's colonies and populations, something that they found necessary in order to be able to extract colonial goods and maintain property, they had to build a hierarchy. That hierarchy was partially based on race. The US was a colonial state and actively engaged in the genocide of the native americans, both before and after, so much so that hitler took notice and said, gimme a slice of that. This happened with basically every colony that England took, even their first ones, like ireland, where now a very slim population actually speaks irish. I don't really feel bad in calling that kind of behavior to be like, prototypically fascist.

    Maybe if you were to define fascism as integrally privatizing other public goods, like mussolini and hitler did, then that might swing things a little bit, but america and england both went and did that later on and historically have had no problem with doing that. There's really not a good definition of fascism that I've ever heard that doesn't apply to america or england, other than "oh, well, those countries were super authoritarian", and then somehow they don't recognize, say, that america has 1% of the world's prison population and a massive police state, and the level at which we propagate authoritarian governments globally in order to further our own interests. The semantic argument that people try to hash out over definitions of fascism, it's not the real crux of the issue there, it's just a kind of obfuscation of the real talking point, which is that people aren't realizing the massive amount of bullshit the imperial core has been engaging in on a near constant basis for like the past couple hundred years, and precisely how bad it really is.

  • Vote out the career politicians who don't really give a shit about you
  • instead Joe got up on stage, said “heads up, chucklefuck”, and blew his own leg off on national TV.

    I feel like that would've been more impressive actually if he did that. "I'm joe biden, and this is jackass" style thing. I've been saying one single kickflip or backflip outta this guy could save the country or whatever.

  • Vote out the career politicians who don't really give a shit about you
  • I've already seen that shit getting blasted under any twitter posts mentioning trump by bots. The vultures are fucking quick with it, let me tell you, like less than an hour after that photo came out I started to see that shit appear on this stupid redbubble type t-shirts as a design. I bet that shit's gonna sell like hotcakes.

  • Thomas Matthew Crooks: The registered Republican and gun lover who shot Trump
  • With enough time you can saw through most of the commercially available ones.

    This is technically true but with the amount of time and effort it takes to get through a good portion of the safes I've seen, it would honestly be easier to go and steal one from some schmuck with a truck gun or whatever that's insecurely, uhhh, secured.

  • Thomas Matthew Crooks: The registered Republican and gun lover who shot Trump
  • This kid was 20 though. He might have had psychosis. Last presidential assassination attempt was Hinkley. This is around the age things like schizophrenia start to present themselves IIRC.

    This is highly true and not something I've seen anyone bring up until now. It's a good point and I think it actually might be pretty likely. Good job.

  • Project 2025 wants to send you to prison for watching porn. Laws requiring ID to access NSFW sites have already made porn hard to access in many states. Your browser is next 👀
  • The ability to selectively enforce prohibition gives you ample opportunity to profit from the gaps in the system.

    It's like 12 at night for me so this might be a little bit rambly and stupid, be prepared:

    Yeah, that's pretty true, but I also mentioned that to some extent in my OP, that selective enforcement is the case with basically every law that has ever existed. I'm not really a stranger to the institutional fuckery that happens in the illegal market either, gary webb and allat, but also the classic uncontrollable mexican government drug cartel shenaniganery. I just also think, maybe to the core of what I'm getting at, that people shouldn't also be like, immediately snap judgement in terms of condemning illegal action on the basis of it's illegality necessarily. The black panthers collapsed and all the other civil rights organizations that were around at the time. MLK probably got assassinated by the feds, Fred Hampton definitely did, I think Malcolm X probably also did, but those organizations, or so I am told, didn't dissolve immediately, they just began a long process of ostracization and alienation and probably atomization as suburban poverty increases more recently, until they basically just became normal gangs, as they were engaging in illegal activity before, and selling drugs, or illegal property, is a quick way to make cash to fund ventures. I dunno I still need to find a good place to watch "the bastards of the party", I think that documentary has something to say about that. Also never heard of boardwalk empire

  • It's Only One Vote
  • I think the biggest thing is just that I have seen amongst most of the zoomers a kind of instantaneous reaction when presented with a glut of information. They either reject it out of hand with some thought terminating cliche almost instantly, or they will voraciously try to find more, it's kind of a split between two extremes, and there's rarely a kind of casual lust that I think has maybe been the case more in the past. I think it's partially the internet, I think it's partially the fact that society is slowly rotting and all of the formalities are also rotting away, but yeah.

    So I think that this casual do-gooder vote blue no matter who kind of mentality is not really appealing to most people I interface with. They're going to have more questions than that like 50% of the time, and then 50% of the rest of the time when they're on like, tiktok, or twitter, or some other echo chamber where they understand that it is all pure optics and neoreligious brainrot and there is no genuineness to be had, they just will out of hand be like "just put the fries in the bag, bro", kind of a deal. But yeah, I don't think the casual political engagement plays well.

  • Project 2025 wants to send you to prison for watching porn. Laws requiring ID to access NSFW sites have already made porn hard to access in many states. Your browser is next 👀
  • I was being hyperbolic, but, a famous part of the prohibition was the organized crime which was both kind of naturally occurring at the time and was created specifically to traffic booze. Illegal material can't be protected by legal means, obviously, and so in order to trade it, you basically have to create your own police force, your own privatized military. a gang, a mob. That's how we got nascar and shit, the rumrunners. If you made porn illegal, I'd imagine it would just be added as kind of another form of valuable property which would be traded around by gangs which would see increased power and are kind of inherently anti-institutional. So, turning to black market cartels is a form of resisting policing, it's a form of anti-institutional action, I'd say, as it gives more economic power to anti-institutional organizations.

    I'd also say, you know, I mean, the hippies did go to wall street in 2008, so that's something. We had the big liberal feminist pussy hat shit sometime after that, which I'm not as familiar with. More recently we had BLM which was possibly the highest level of street marching we've seen basically ever, and then we've seen like two riots to try and overturn elections, one of which was successful. We've seen more recent campus protests which are still constantly ongoing despite a lack of media attention. I don't think it's as absurd as you think, that something kind of stupid like porn getting banned might be the tipping point, especially considering the pretty steady upward trend that we've seen with political action concerning other somewhat disconnected issues.

  • It's Only One Vote
  • Is this ever gonna happen, though? I see it like guaranteed under every single social media post that complains about how we don't have a functional system and while I agree that fptp as a system is bad and horrible, it almost feels like a red herring at this point because it has such a low chance of ever being changed as each party in power, and any party that theoretically ever able to take power, would not stand to benefit from alternative voting. It's like prison reform or free healthcare or making weed legal or any number of other things that has high levels of voter approval but conveniently never happen because it's not in the best interest of the party, except this one is possibly more niche and easier to spread misinformation about.

    Like I dunno, what's the M.O. on getting this done? Get it approved in a couple local elections and then just hope it bubbles up from there? I know in oregon there's supposed to be some referendum on it, but I kind of doubt it's going to pass even though I'm gonna vote for it. I seriously don't see it happening, at least on a federal level, without some extremely serious reform that basically completely reworks how the government currently functions.

  • Project 2025 wants to send you to prison for watching porn. Laws requiring ID to access NSFW sites have already made porn hard to access in many states. Your browser is next 👀
  • If that legitimately happens and makes it into law in a broadly enforceable way rather than a "this person who I don't like was caught checks notes watching porn! book em!", which is definitely what it would be like basically every law that came before it, I guarantee that the government would collapse within about three weeks if less. Which I think is maybe a good rule of thumb, that if your law would collapse society if it were enforced equally, it should not be a law.

    Do not underestimate the power of the gooners when they are kept from the goon.

  • I'm confused
  • Probably the mild centrist bent to the comment I'd imagine, and also the fact that it's in response to a comment saying fascism is pretty popular, saying that it's not. People like their persecution complexes.

  • [Trump Shooting] Suspect was registered as Republican voter, state records show
  • I mean they probably get like a ton of people who enter the metal detectors and act weird. I don't really expect that to actually be a part of their security that's reliable or useful in really any way, it's TSA security theater shit.

  • A Black man got a job interview after he changed the name on his resume. Now, he’s suing for discrimination | CNN
  • And the prospect already got employed at a different business that had an open vacancy, congrats you’ve got NOTHING by hiring in advance and you also wasted the prospects time.

    no no, you see, it's ethical, because there's always a revolving door of unemployed people, who somehow don't have bad hygiene, and are always dressed appropriately, and this tactic works because they exist, and we're just doing them a service, really. don't ask questions as to why or how that revolving underclass of desperate unemployed people exist, that's not allowed.