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What fresh hell is this?

Sovcit has tried everything.
  • What they probably mean is they're trying to get a passport for their child and the passport office has told them that that's no problem at all. In fact, all they need is a copy of the child's birth certificate.

  • Biden to push for Supreme Court ethics reform, term limits and amendment to overturn immunity ruling, sources say
  • Just pack the goddamn court. There's ONE conservative justice on the Supreme Court who was appointed by a president who came to power having received more votes than his opponent, and that's Clarence Thomas, the man whose loyalties can be bought with a luxury vacation and whose wife aided and abetted insurrectionist traitors.

    The ENTIRE conservative wing of the Supreme Court is illegitimate. Every single one of them. And you know what? Thanks to the GOP, it only takes 50 votes to approve a supreme court justice. It used to be sixty, but they changed the rules so they could more conveniently destroy America.

  • Thomas has accepted $4M in gifts during career: Watchdog
  • What does it mean when the highest court in your ostensible democracy is this obviously compromised?

    I mean morally it's obvious. Their judgements are invalid. Useless. Feel free to ignore anything they say if you can get away with it. But unless we're down for anarchy, what means do we have to deal with this? Legally the president can pack the court. So long as he can get the senate to go along. But he doesn't seem to want to, and there are no viable alternatives to the president we have. Not yet, anyway.

    So here we are. A 'democracy' with a supreme court that's openly compromised, if not outright corrupt. Nobody's running on a 'maybe the supreme court shouldn't be filled with 18th century ideologues and grifters' platform. Nobody's talking about upside down flags and RVs on the major networks.

    So what do?

  • Google promised a better search experience — now it’s telling us to put glue on our pizza
  • I kind of assumed it was based on one of those 'how they photograph food' articles that pops up every so often with shaving cream instead of whip cream and motor oil instead of pancake syrup. Pretty sure I've seen one where they mix glue in the pizza cheese to make it more stringy.

  • EZ admission
  • There's like three hundred million Americans, and I feel like nowhere near enough of them are passionate about how higher education and unpaid athletes performing for the commercial benefit of rich people should have absolutely nothing to do with each other.

  • "If not now, when?" - Star Trek alum Wil Wheaton explains what he strikes for If not now, when?

    We in Labor aren’t hurting our industry. We’re fighting to save it from predatory sociopaths who will gleefully watch people lose their homes and go hungry, rather than release 2% of their grotesqu…

    If not now, when?

    Some dystopian doublespeak from Micky D

    A little light reading while you wait 20 minutes for your McFood because nobody wants to waste their life being abused for hunger wages by a literal clown.

    This was hung up in plain sight next to the registers at the McDonald's along I-80 in Winnemucca NV. Name and shame