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Suggestions for a two-child height tracker
  • I hung up a maple 1x6.

    The left side has an attached ruler with both metric and ft/in.

    The right side has large vinyl numbers for feet (mainly just to look nice).

    In between the heights are marked with multicolored Sharpies indicating who is measured and the month/year.

  • Best Lemmy App in 2024
  • It has my favorite user interface, but I feel that it bogs down after viewing a series of images. I also feel that development has stalled a bit (edit, I was mistaken: they just released a pre release).

    I haven't found a better one, though. Next best so far has been Racoon.

  • How do you guys use Tailscale (or other VPN) with containers
  • This doesn't exactly match your goals, but you may be able to adapt it or take pieces from it.

    I have containers running on two subnets:

    1. LAN + Tailscale
    2. LAN only

    Subnet 1 has a DNS server, which resolves all of my services to IPs on either subnet.

    I have Tailscale set up on a machine as a subnet router (directing to Subnet 1).


    1. When local, I can access all services on the LAN with local DNS entries, both Subnet 1 and 2.
    2. When remote via Tailscale, I can access all services on Subnet 1 with the same local DNS entries. I cannot access services on Subnet 2.

    This is nice because my apps don't care which network I'm on, they just use the same URL to connect. And the sensitive stuff (usually management tools) are not accessible remotely.

    It's also ridiculously simple: Only one Tailscale service is running at home.

    This does not solve your issue of broadcasting vs not broadcasting, though. There's probably other things missing as well. But maybe it's a start?

  • Favourite Haken albums?
    1. Affinity - I like the concept and style
    2. Vector - Mainly for one or two songs that really hit the spot
    3. Visions
    4. Aquarius
    5. Virus
    6. The Mountain - Some very good songs, but it doesn't feel cohesive to me.
    7. Fauna

    Haven't heard the others.

  • Backdoor found in widely used Linux utility breaks encrypted SSH connections
  • the AI that wrote the article

    The linked article is by Dan Goodin from Ars Technica. He's not immune to mistakes, but he's been writing good articles about security for years.

    Can we please not accuse everybody of being AI just because they made a mistake?

  • Recomendation for a note taking app
  • Logseq has an Android app and clients for the usual desktop platforms. It stores as .md files. It meets your requirements. I'm not sure why you're focused on Firefox support?

    One I have my eye on is the creator recently promoted it here and it has some nice ideas. It's a web app that you self host. Behind the scenes everything is stored in .md files.

  • SilverBullet: a self-hosted personal knowledge management system for people with a hacker mindset
  • Thanks for your answers! Very fair thoughts, particularly about the flexibility of keeping things as just files on disk.

    Regarding the work thing, I should clarify my use case: I'd like to take work related notes that could contain privileged company data. With a standalone app, I can install it and manage the files on my device (with cloud syncing in an approved corporate way). I could still probably do that here, but it requires the work of running the web server locally. Unfortunately, an external source like a VPS wouldn't be allowed.

    I have one more question, if you have some time: One of the things I like most about Logseq is that when there is a list of back links on a page, the context capture is excellent (likely due to it being an outliner). I've noticed that with SilverBullet, the context capture might begin/end in the middle of a word, etc. Is there a way to configure that or plans to enhance it?

  • SilverBullet: a self-hosted personal knowledge management system for people with a hacker mindset
  • This is very cool, and I've been watching the project for a month or so.

    I like the query setup and the templates look very interesting. One of my biggest complaints about Logseq is how much of a pain simple query operations can be.

    A few things make me hesitate a bit:

    • I've been burned on single-dev passion projects in the past.
    • As a self hosted web app, it's a bit more difficult to manage on a company owned machine. I know Electron apps get hate, but that would ease some pain here.
    • The rapid pace of development is both exciting and worrisome. For example, a recent update completely changed the underlying templating engine from a well-known open source solution to a custom solution. I worry if I rely on this, something might catch me by surprise.

    What are your thoughts on those concerns, OP?

  • Library Advice?
  • I did basically what you are trying to do:

    I installed Calibre docker on my server machine with the DB local (important because the DB won't work over a share) and the book storage on the NAS.

    Then I installed Calibre-web docker and pointed it to the same local DB and the same book storage on the NAS.

    Now I can use Calibre for import, DRM removal, metadata updates, etc. And I use Calibre-web for user management, OPDS feed, etc.

    Let me know if you want more info.

  • People who are 30+, what career moves do you regret in your 20s and/or what choices are you happy you made?
  • Regret:

    • Not taking care of my health. Too much sitting in front of a computer, not enough walking around. Too much junk food.
    • Not keeping track of people after leaving their immediate circle (team changes, company changes, leaving college, etc.). Literally every opportunity I've had has come from somebody I know, yet I've done a poor job of keeping a network socially. It's not that hard to chat with people every few months, but I didn't initially put enough effort into it.


    • For me specifically, staying at my first job for a long time was really good. It helped me grow, and the company was pretty good with salary increases.
    • In contrast to my regret, I did a good job of making friends with teammates and getting along with people I work with the most.
  • What's the *best* interview process you've experienced?
  • tl;dr: The right people, the right exercises, the right atmosphere.

    I started by sitting down to a pair programming session with a member of the team that was hiring. We did some minor work directly in their code base, and he showed me some of the interesting things in their stack. It was great.

    Then we had a panel interview with other team members and the CTO (not a giant company, but there's over 1500 employees, so I was impressed.) We discussed some of my previous work, the designs involved, tradeoffs, etc. There were a couple white-boarding conversations. We talked about leadership and various people topics.

    Then most of the panel and my referrer took me out to lunch, and we had a good informal chat.

    Finally, we went back and I did another pair programming session with a different member of the team where we did code kata problems for a while. We discussed pros and cons of pair programming and mob programming.

    Why did I like this so much?

    1. The two programming sections were with senior developers on the team they were hiring for. Also, pair programming is great because you see how somebody collaborates as well as how they can solve problems.
    2. The panel mostly consisted of people I would be working directly with. The questions in the panel were very relevant and you could tell they were looking for my strengths.
    3. The atmosphere in general was great.
    4. What I saw of their codebase looked really good.

    I was very impressed with this company. They made a competitive offer. I ended up declining, mostly for external reasons like a long commute, but I still wonder to this day if I should have given it a shot.

  • Poor video playback quality on Kodi
  • If I'm understanding correctly, Emby has been hostile to FOSS (alleged GPL violations, etc.) and Jellyfin forked from it. Due to that, I'm not planning to use Emby.

    Having said that, I'm always interested in hearing about projects in this space. What things do you like about Emby?

  • Simple Uno Card Box


    This is 3mm cast acrylic.

    The design started with CardBox from

    I made a few modifications, such as improving the lid design and adding holes to make it easier to access cards.


    Dream Theater - The Glass Prison

    Even after all of these years, the intro still impresses me every time I listen to it.