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ready for the weekend
  • I thought this was an edc post for a second

  • What OP/EDs do you consider underrated?
  • I'd like more people to talk about many aspects mushishi since I think it should be considered an all-time classic. Sore Feet Song is one of the few that stuck with me for nearly a decade now.

  • *Permanently Deleted*
  • We were gonna buy a new printer and I told my mom to buy laser. She said no, following a similar reasoning to yours, and bought an inkjet hp. For a year we couldn't use it because of a faulty ink cartridge. We only do occasional printing so we often just went to a local print shop(?) instead of doing anything about it. Then we bought another cartridge (which costs more than half the price of the inkjet printer itself) and the printer is only printing the upper half of pages for some reason. I'm the tech guy in my house and I've had, at this point, a lifetime's worth of HP's bullshit. I'm not even gonna try to fix it because it's always the most convoluted stuff with drivers and various standalone programs and none of it works. You know, cell phones and controllers and cameras can be plug-and-play but inkjet printers NOOOO. Idk what the conclusion is but ig just don't buy that shit. If you don't want a laser printer then stick to printing your stuff at a local business.

  • Are we committed to Lemmy? or would we move if something better comes along?
  • if you don't like mast, you wouldn't like twitter

    Well, not entirely true. I like twitter but I haven't found the same variety of "culture" in mastodon yet. And I'm not talking about trolls or racists or whatever else twitter is known for. I follow nearly 1000 people on twitter— and few of them are "famous"—mostly because I like their art or humor or insights. Let me make it clear that I don't have a problem with mastodon subculture; i followed many of these people as well before they moved platforms. But it's very insular and I want to see a greater variety of posts. People posting on mastodon seem to exclusively form part of the very specific intersection in a venn diagram composed of lgbt, neurodivergent, and political activist, who fled twitter in search of a safe space at any cost (and I don't blame them). So I find myself still opening twitter because there's lots of gaps in my feed ranging from normie posts, memes, cynical satire, people I disagree with (yes, I wanna see those, too), lots of artists, and many figureheads from communities I'm interested on like anime and games. I feared lemmy/kbin would have a similar fate but I guess our migration happened for different reasons and I don't feel the need to open reddit at all now because I can find/build qualitatively analogous communities here. It doesn't depend on specific people as long as someone keeps the place alive.

  • Levy just invented a new gambit
  • The ultimate rook sacrifice...

  • I got a brick set
  • PP on the PP means "put pressure on the pinned piece". where did the brick joke come from

  • kbin needs a block button next to magazine names to quickly allow to filter things you're not interested in while browsing
  • On mobile, you can tap the hamburger button to quickly check th sidebar as well.

  • What is the most WRONG thing a teacher, professor, or school book told you?
  • "planets orbit the sun in circles" no, they're ellipses.

  • Beta branch has been updated
  • I feel like noita modding is in a weird place where mods change way too much (koira, magicka), or way too little (model swaps, alternate death screens), or just fuck around with the balance (healing hearts, minimap). Maybe I need to check the workshop again but there's not too many mods that complement the main game's spells and alchemy.

  • Is there any chance kbin will give chatrooms a go like reddit did? Except maybe get it right and not abandon it halfway through?
  • Could use the microblog section for a more public(?) version of that. idk I never used the chat

  • Top comment decides next move, legal or not | day 2: Queen divorces the king.
  • After failing inspections time after time, one of black's towers collapses on top of a horse and a pawn - R½g7½g8

  • Reasons For Joining
  • Found out about kbin from a post saying the fgc community was setting up there. I liked it but wanted to use a mobile app so made an account here and I'm liking it too so far. I learned to like the mobile browser ui for kbin as well but now I feel like both platforms can have their own place.

  • Enhancment request: Long-press hyperlink text to reveal destination URI
  • I liked a feature from RiF where, with a single tap on a link, you got a pop up showing the full url with the options to share/copy/go, and arrows to select the previous or next links if applicable.
    God, I will miss that app

    Edit: current behavior can be kept and the suggested pop up could be implemented for long press.

  • Does Jerboa work with Kbin? Now that Kbin is federated with Lemmy, could I technically sign in to Jerboa with my Kbin account?
  • Nope, /kbin instaces don't appear in the dropdown list when adding an account.

    • posted from jerboa
  • What free apps and games are good to put on an android phone?
  • I like minesweeper and sudoku. I heard good things about 20 minutes till dawn (like vampire survivors).
    Like 10 years ago I used to play questlord (dungeon crawler) and pocket god (god game), those games ought to run on your phone. Also that was back before 99% of mobile games were made as games first and foremost.

  • Thank you to the admin(s) who manually reviewed my application and approved my registration!

    Some people think it's a drag to write a mini essay but I think it shows commitment to building a community.