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Time to move
  • And you need to work on your math comprehension. It would be clear to any who can understand basic arithmetic that lifetime healthcare costs in the US are far and away higher than emigration costs.

  • "PSN isn't supported in my country. What do I do?" Arrowhead CEO: "I don't know"
  • I mean netcode for pc-to-pc games at least isn't really rocket science. I'm not as familiar with the crossplay aspect, but I'd hazard a guess that it is only difficult because console manufacturers have locked multiplayer networking behind their own subscription services. I can understand why they went the route they did, but maybe crossplay is overvalued if the cost is stuff like this.

  • Here we go
  • I haven't used Ansible but it sounds pretty much like that, basically you write out all the packages you want in a config and it builds the system from that. Very nice in terms of stability and maintainability. I'm very much an amateur so I can't say for sure but I think the unused package issue would still exist on nix.

  • What do you guys do when you want to run unmaintained programs?
  • I'm just getting started with nix, if I'm understanding it correctly I think that is kind of what nix package manager does? It keeps packages and their versions separate and doesn't delete them, so that you can update some programs and their dependencies without breaking other programs that depend on other versions of those same dependencies.