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Proton Pass for Linux
  • Same here, I use both KeePassXC and Bitwarden. But I dont store heavily sensitive passwords on Bitwarden, like my email passwords, encryption retrieval keys, etc.

  • [Vie quotidienne] Où achetez-vous vos sous-vêtements?
  • La marque Tex de chez Carrouf' fait des bons sous-vêtements.

  • [Vie quotidienne] Où achetez-vous vos sous-vêtements?
  • BonPrix

    C'est finalement tout aussi solide que Petit Bateau pour bien moins cher. Genre 19€ le lot de 10 slips.

  • Season 1 (Series 14) Episode 4: "73 Yards"
  • Oh, crap. It works for me on the Voyager app though.

  • Season 1 (Series 14) Episode 4: "73 Yards"
  • Tap for spoiler

    That moment when Kate turned her back on her, it hit so hard...

  • Season 1 (Series 14) Episode 4: "73 Yards"
  • She read them while the Doctor was busy trying to fix the circle.

    Second try : he doesn't step on it and can prevent her from reading the notes as he knows what he's looking at

  • Just ported my awesomewm theme to hyprland + nixos
  • Hi,

    It's beautiful :)

    Could you share the wallpaper ? I also really like the one illustrating the dot files page, could you share it too pretty please ? 8)

  • Why people are boycotting Asus all of a sudden? Asus outrage explained
  • All Asus mobos and graphic cards I owned died.

    And as in my IT days we had whole rooms of machines with Asus graphics die too.

    I avoid Asus components like the plague

  • Top post of PCMR on Reddit today XD
  • Run W10Privacy and use NextDNS. Oh, and create a local user account.

  • Breezy Weather: An open-source, privacy-friendly Android weather app forked from the now-unmaintained Geometric Weather
  • You need to add the IzzyOnDroid F-Droid repo.

    I've been using Breezy since it replaced Geometric Weather. It's a fantastic app.

    I sends notifications for weather warnings and has a lot of info depending on the meteorological data provider.

    I use OSS Weather also as a complement.

  • [Cuisine] Combien d'appareils de cuisine avez-vous? Avez-vous un air fryer, robot de cuisine (Cookeo), etc.? J'essaie de trouver un équilibre entre le nombre d'appareils et me faciliter la vie
  • Une girafe pour la soupe, un batteur pour la mayo et un blender qui me sert une fois par an. Ah, j'oubliais la bouilloire.

  • What is an interesting fact that you recently discovered?
  • I enjoyed browsing Gemini capsules using the Lagrange browser. Its look and feel is awesome and made me want to write smol websites again. I'm appalled by what modern websites have become. I miss making light but cool sites without an ounce of scripts in them.

  • What is your favorite flower and why?
  • Gaillardia

    I love the colours. These flowers grow naturally where I leave in southeast France. They're very resistant and bloom all year long. They where my father's favourite and mine too.

  • Music for filmmakers
  • Bandcamp, search for the tag "Library Music".