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Very nuanced issue
  • You didn’t hear the US state dept repeatedly claiming “Israel has a right to defend itself” for 6 straight months after the Hamas attack? They still won’t let corpo media use the term genocide, some high profile reporters have even resigned over it.

  • Bill to ban most public mask wearing, including for health reasons, advances in North Carolina
  • During the height of Covid, there were countless stories of unmasked people verbally harassing mask wearers in public out of the South. I’m talking frothing at the mouth, in their face, furious that this person would wear a mask. Once the law is on their side, I suspect this will get worse.

  • Biden calls Trump ‘unhinged’ and says ‘something snapped’ in former president after he lost 2020 election
  • Ok, if Biden doesn’t support genocide, how come he has circumvented Congress over 100 times since oct 7 to send them 10s of billions worth of bombs which are actively being used to perform said genocide?

    I believe that Biden has asked Bibi to stop. Do you know what Bibi does immediately after those conversations? He goes on Israeli press and absolutely dunks on Biden for being an idiot, in Bibi’s pocket, and that the killings will continue.

    If Biden truly does not support genocide, wouldn’t the second most logical step be to stop sending them the very 2000lb bombs which are being used to level all civilian infrastructure in the strip? Why hasn’t he done this?

  • Ocasio-Cortez: State of US health care is ‘barbarism’
  • America always finds a way to pay for more bombs and death.

    Basic healthcare for our own? Sorry, the senate parliamentarian says the shareholders won’t have it. Maybe Vote harder next time sweetie!

  • When Your Rulers Ignore Voters But Are Terrified Of Protesters, That Tells You Something
  • Pretty much. “Not trump” is such an incredibly low bar, it shouldn’t even be a consideration. Yet this is Biden’s core campaign strategy, again. He’s shown he’d rather beat and incarcerate peaceful dissenters than engage with them in good faith compromise. This is reflected by the rabid Blue MAGA supporters who start frothing at the mouth about how you’re a Trump voter just because you point out factual observations concerning Biden. It’s a wild form of cognitive dissonance, but I guess this is what you get after 50 years of unrelenting propaganda.

  • Trump Leads in 5 Key States, as Young and Nonwhite Voters Express Discontent With Biden
  • Ok grampa, it just so happens that condescendingly blaming young voters for Biden’s piss poor policies while in office won’t be the get out the vote motivating factor you seem to think it will. If Biden wants votes, he needs to appeal to voters, not just donors.

  • Biden calls Trump ‘unhinged’ and says ‘something snapped’ in former president after he lost 2020 election
  • Agreed on cutting Israel aid completely. What’s happening there is disgusting - 10s of billions of US taxpayer dollars spent on slaughtering innocent children in Gaza. Meanwhile, basic healthcare at home is virtually unaffordable for most Americans. Do you know that Israel has free nationalized healthcare for its citizens? Why don’t we have that?

    I’ll have to disagree that half the voting country is ok with nationalist Christian ideology. The majority of Americans are actually quite progressive, and this has been proven time and again via polling. The problem is we have no representation - Biden does next to nothing to appeal to the left, instead choosing to always move further right in order to compromise with his Republican friends in Congress, resulting in abysmally low voter turnout. This shouldn’t surprise you, because we have a system of legalized bribery in the US where corporations buy politicians to ensure precisely those results.

    Biden’s rhetoric is superior to Trump’s, but his actions leave so much to be desired. In fact, I think you will find that both Biden and Trump both act to protect the interests of American business above all else. This Hobson’s choice is what got us into this mess, and pretending that Biden’s abhorrent record is even remotely acceptable is not going to get us out of it.

  • Biden calls Trump ‘unhinged’ and says ‘something snapped’ in former president after he lost 2020 election
  • No, are you brain broken? Nobody on the left is going to vote Trump.

    I’m asking why doesn’t Biden address the glaring problems with his administration concerning his voters’ interests?

    I’m also curious how Blue MAGA has been so effectively programmed to respond to any criticism of Biden by attacking the voters themselves, instead of demanding accountability from the government leaders. Do you watch much cable news?

  • Biden calls Trump ‘unhinged’ and says ‘something snapped’ in former president after he lost 2020 election
  • I hear you on journalism being completely dead in mainstream media. But, I’m pretty sure the likes of MSNBC and CNN are wholly up Biden’s ass. You’re right about right wing media bubbles though, it requires human interaction to pierce through to them.

    That said, Biden needs to take responsibility for his own abysmal actions. Continued support for genocide of Palestinians, shutting down democracy by avoiding a primary election earlier this year, and drilling for oil at historic record rates. Do you honestly believe this is appealing at all to left wing voters which Biden desperately needs to show up at the ballot box?

  • who is on Lemmy (the sociology of Lemmy)
  • This instance,, has blocked (defederated from) the hexbear instance. So these users are essentially trash talking users from hexbear behind their back, in a thread where they can’t even respond. Draw what conclusions from that behavior you wish.

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