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Volvo's new EX90 electric SUV will launch with the 'world's first' EV battery passport
  • Because I had no idea what this was:

    it will show buyers information about the vehicle’s battery, such as its composition, where its materials are from, its recycled content, and its carbon footprint.


    they will track the state of the vehicle’s battery health over time as the vehicle is charged and discharged. […] Future customers will be able to learn much more about the vehicle they’re buying from battery passports.

  • Are shrunken heads a rights violation?
  • By extension of this philosophy, we shouldn’t bury people, since worms will desecrate their deceased flesh. It seems to me then that shrunken heads might be a good way to save space.

    I’m okay with it. Unless we start putting them on keychains. That might be taking it too far.

  • Trump supporters try to doxx jurors and post violent threats after his conviction
  • This is exactly what they’ve done. Notice everything (except for “make them miserable”, which isn’t inherently illegal..) is placed on “someone else should…”:

    1,000,000 men (armed) need to […]

    I hope every juror is doxxed and they pay […]

    May God strike them dead.

    They know exactly what they are doing. Doing it mafia style, just like dear leader.

    Edit: Idiots downvoting what’s right in their face. Can’t believe facts, only emotions. Just like the idiots following Trump. Idiots are idiots. Here is more evidence for you, on this exact topic from reuters:

    While the posts identified by Reuters all called for violence or insurrection, most fell short of the legal standard for a prosecutable threat, which typically requires evidence that the comment reflects a clear intent to act or instill fear, rather than simply suggesting a frightening outcome.

  • Trump supporters try to doxx jurors and post violent threats after his conviction
  • Here is the problem: These people very carefully choose their words. It’s not illegal to “wish” all the jurors are outed, tortured, maimed, and drawn and quartered over a bed of coals- along with their families, neighbors and first grade teachers.

    See that’s all okay to say apparently. This is our legal system. It’s not until they actually say, “I’m going to […],” that LE gets involved. Because none of that other stuff was a direct threat, or intended to incite violence, or intended to instill fear. They were just harmless wishes. Super okay, and nothing to worry about, you see?

  • IRS makes free tax return program permanent and is asking all states to join in 2025
  • Very simple returns. Fillers couldn’t even participate if they had child care deductions. I hope they scale out capabilities too along with this expansion.

    And not to sound too pessimistic, but I doubt we’ll get participation in all 50 states by 2025, since those tax rules need to be added to the system as well. It sounds quite complicated for a one year project. So just some expectation management in this one. Fingers crossed.