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Biden calls for justice after footage released of police killing Black woman
  • This was what I got from it too. She was offended that they would think that she would attack them with boiling water.

    It's kinda like she said "don't bring that Hateful ideas into my house." She was warding of the bad juju and disagreeing at the same time.

    I think she's also not dumb and knows what officers are capable of and might have knew where things were going. The police were escalating the situation for no good reason. And she was scared, cause they kill people who are black for very little. In this case they killed her for listening to them.

  • Gunshots reportedly fired at Donald Trump rally - as former president rushed off stage
  • When I first heard this news I immediately felt sad they missed.

    I'm surprised this didn't happen sooner tbh.

    Then when I saw the video I felt angry. Like what do these fucks expect? They're killing LGBTQ and immigrant kids left and right with their policies. They're killing workers from heat stroke, they're killing women who need to have abortions, they're killing people left and right and I'm angry that they're at all surprised that we don't fight back.

    I hope the next person doesn't miss.

  • Zed on Linux is out!
  • I tried saving to a file that required root and it didn't give any prompt to enter the password. On VSCodium normally if you are trying to write to a file that requires sudo then it prompts you.

    Is there a way to save to root files with Zed?

  • Elon Musk’s Neuralink Is Ready to Implant a Second Volunteer
  • There's a difference between an idiot and someone who is extremely desperate.

    An idiot is someone who is abled and puts this shit in their heads.

    The people neuralink is using are just desperate. I can't imagine losing function of all my limbs. I think I would be willing to do some pretty risky stuff if I did.

  • Sorry if this is meta, but this coincidence was just too funny. I had to hold in my laughs while I was ordering a samosa.


    You aren't ready for AI improved T-1000s chasing you down the street!

    Imagine for a moment screaming in horror as a robot runs at you with in-human speed just like this.