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Daily Discussion - 27 January 2024
  • It is Gunners related. The 2011 Round of 16 tie in which Van Persie was sent off was a travesty. Refs have sided with Barca for most of my youth. The 2009 Semis against Chelsea is still regarded as the worst officiated big match. I will enjoy their downfall.

  • Daily Discussion - 11 January 2024
  • Being linked with Borja Mayoral and Amadou Onana is not a good sign as a team. These are not upgrades to any of our players or sufficient back ups to make a push in the big competitions we have left. Yet I fully understand why KSG is closing the purse because of how Arteta & Edu have spend ~100M on Havertz, Kiwior, and Vieira who have under-performed what was expected of them.

  • [Match Thread] Arsenal F.C. vs. Liverpool F.C.
  • Nketiah would have converted half of those chances that fell to Havertz. I don't understand how you can play him as a 9 when he's rarely played there all season and expect him to be clinical. It is also obvious now that Rice is more impactful as an 8. Jorginho has surprising played a solid game. Saliba is also doing quite well. I'm worried about White. There needs to be an impact player coming in around 60th minute mark or else this match has draw written all over it.

  • Daily Discussion - 01 January 2024
  • I might have been a bit harsh on Emile Smith Rowe. He deserves better than his current situation. He should move to a club where he gets regular playing time for the sake of his career growth. Every matchweek it is apparent that he doesn't fit into Arteta's future plans. I rate his potential higher than Eddie Nketiah's and Reiss Nelson's. He needs a Top 6 team or a Serie A perennial that can take his career to the next step. Martinelli shrugging off his handshake today hit me close to my heart. He is a player I've wanted to excel since his first 10 goal season and after saving Arteta's career, but he has become merely an after thought at this club. His fall in the pegging order has been excused by injury and new signings. I wish him a better outlook at a different club.

  • Arteta and Pep, Ask Me Anything on SuperSport TV SuperSportTV on TikTok

    Serious in the dugout. Not so serious in real life. Gotta love Pep Guardiola and Mikel Arteta 😆 #PremierLeague #Pep #Guardiola #PepGuardiola #Mikel #Arteta #MikelArteta #AskMeAnything


    Miracle at the Emirates on the 3rd of September 2023


    Alcaraz, Alcatraz, Alchemy, Alakazam it doesn't matter, me in 4


    Why are Japanese cars considered to be more reliable than US or European cars?


    Emile Smith Rowe is key in great link up play before assisting Cole Palmer for England's second against Israel esr

    Watch "esr" on Streamable.


    Me on a Friday after completing a PR for a 3 line bug fix