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Some Hamas demands for cease-fire changes are unworkable, Blinken says
  • Quote from article:

    "A deal is on the table” that “the entire world is behind,” Blinken told a news conference. “Israel has accepted it, and Hamas could have answered with a single word: yes.”

    In the event, Hamas took 12 days to issue its official reply. “You get to a point where, if one side continues to change its demands, you have to question whether they’re proceeding in good faith or not,” Blinken said.

  • Israel white phosphorous attacks on Lebanon harming people and ecosystem
  • This is the standard component in smoke rounds to actually produce the smoke. This is what Israel is using white phosphorus for, but the article is biased and never mentions it. The US and many other countries use white phosphorus based smoke munitions too, and it is not a war crime. The militant areas of Gaza are all densely populated, and smoke is often necessary during combat.


  • 'He’s truly lost his mind': Lindsey Graham ripped after calling D-Day a 'failure' on CBS
  • Did any of you commenters read past the headline? He's saying we should have stood up to Hitler sooner, but instead ended up forced to make the costly, brutal D-Day landings. He is advocating for us to stand up to Putin sooner.

  • What Idiot Backed Trump’s Bond in E. Jean Carroll Trial? This One.
  • No, the whole argument of the damages amount was that it needed to be high enough to actually matter to this particular individual. Are you at all familiar with the case? The court agreed it needed to be high enough to be punitive.

  • They say MacDonald's is expensive now. Are any other chains still cheap/cheaper?
  • McDonald's is still cheap but only if you use the app for deals and points. They want to drive people to the app to eventually hire one less employee at each store, which will save them more money. They keep the app cheaper to drive this change.

  • Settlers reportedly shoot two Palestinians, torch cars in latest West Bank attacks
  • The article says the torched car was parked in front of someone's house. Presumably, SOMETHING happened to escalate into violence. And what was that? Nobody lights a random car on the street by their house on fire for no reason.

    Sensationalist reporting.

  • *Permanently Deleted*
  • Your company paid you to do a specific job. I don't imagine the job expectations were to physically apprehend thieves; that's what security is for. You could have been stabbed or shot. Your employer's bottom line is not worth your life. However pissed off it makes you feel that some asshole makes off with store items, you're not the store owner. I get that it sucks, but your firing is because of liability, not because you tried to do the "right thing"

  • Violent crime is dropping fast in the U.S. — even if Americans don't believe it
  • Sounds like where you live sucks. But it's always possible to have something random and unlikely happen even in the safest of places. Getting bitten by a shark doesn't mean sharks all need to die. You're just exceptionally unlucky.

  • Homework sucks
  • No, it's because despite being worse for the lower rungs of the human experience without strong controls, well-managed market economies lift countries higher than their alternate economy peers. Markets are more efficient because incentives drive the economy to prosperity at a faster rate. Feudalism, communism, anarchism, corporatism, etc are comparatively inefficient and eventually lead to a scenario where the market economies outpace others, and trade imbalances magnify that disparity. You eventually run a high risk of social upheaval when the people look at their more prosperous neighbors with envy, and wonder "why don't we have what they have?" You see either political instability to drive change, or authoritarian strongmen who delude the people that regardless of reality, the system in place is best. Economic power generally leads to military power too.

    What happened to the USSR? Why are China and Vietnam now market economies? What kind of economy does North Korea have? Why don't countries still engage in mercantilism or feudalism?