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There are a lot of low-paying jobs out there. I'm just saying...
  • Lol good luck with getting the cops to do anything. They love abusing traffic laws themselves.

    But these cameras do not watch people. They take a picture when they detect a car is going too fast or blows a red light, not constant surveillance.

    Plus cars are on public roads, peds are on public streets. I don't really care about the privacy argument tbh in this case. Much more people are harmed from cars speeding and blowing red lights then any sort of abuse involving public cameras.

  • There are a lot of low-paying jobs out there. I'm just saying...
  • Maybe don't run red lights instead of trying to get meth users to take the cameras down?

    I know it's a joke but drivers are assholes by me and enforcement is low so these cameras are the best option.

  • Let's do micro service
  • Something to consider is a monolith can have different entry points and a focused area of work. Like my web application monolith can also have email workers, and background job processers all with different container specs and scaling but share a code base.

    And coming from a background where I work heavily with Postgres a bunch of smaller segregates databases sound like a nightmare data integerity wise. Although I'm sure it can be done cleanly there are big advantages with having all your tables in one database.