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Just a reminder we are the future of social media.
  • One of what? Quite sure I had contributed to the Lemmyverse more than most people here, I have nothing left to prove. Thx

  • Just a reminder we are the future of social media.
  • That's the most delusional shit i've ever heard

  • Can Trump still run for president now that he's a convicted felon?
  • yes, felons can campaign for president and be elected. technically it's even legal for the president to be locked behind bars while serving.

  • who has the best looking bush
  • it's ok we won't judge ur bush

  • who has the best looking bush

    show us ur bush

    who else is a lil high atm??
  • Lol yeah that makes sense. My work days are usually spent looking at a screen and takin phone calls

  • Writers of Lemmy, how do you do outining?
  • Create a folder. Inside it create different folders for different chapters/sections. Inside each chapter/section folder have a notes document, a markdown version document and possibly one in HTML. Also one doc in the main folder where all documents are stitched together in order. This way you can enhance and focus on each part of your work separately, view it in whole when you want to

  • Removal of piracy communities
  • Must be exhausting having this problem with LW twice now. Can't make this shit up at this point. Lol

  • Removal of piracy communities
  • Take lessons from my previous unremoval announcement and undo this. This is really stupid

  • who else is a lil high atm??
  • the only way to survive a work day lol

  • who else is a lil high atm??
  • consider thc vapes for work, some don't make u stink

  • who else is a lil high atm??

    and it's real fucking hot outside

    What would the IRL (in real life) of "real life"/offline life be?
  • Haha. That's the neat part, coming across points of view you haven't thought of before! People really do get high in a lot of different ways and be "offline" in a a lot of different ways. LOL

  • How do you date/marry a zombie?
  • i'll marry u once u come back. pls don't have your parts sagging too much,

  • The Daily Check In For Tuesday May 28th - Just For Today, We Are NOT Drinking!
  • Thank you for contributing to this community! I hope you're making Zerlyna proud.

  • What would the IRL (in real life) of "real life"/offline life be?
  • Sleeping comes closer. OP asks the real life equivalent of being AFK which, assuming you're normally regularly online, only really corresponds to being high or sleeping.

  • Hello everyone! How was your week on Lemmy so far? Let's chat again.

    Once again, hello everyone! We would like to thank every one of you for staying with us, and for providing amazing feedback on our previous discussion. As an immediate follow up to your requests, we:

    • Created a Matrix space for community discussion and chatting
    • Started offering Photon as an alternative web UI, available at

    And we hope you love them! Let's keep working together to have a thriving community, and please feel free to share all your ideas and suggestions with us. What could we do to help make it a better experience for you?


    How was your week here so far? Besides all the daily struggle, I bet most of you have seen some interesting things on Lemmy already. :D

    7 Matrix space and rooms

    Join us at the matrix space and rooms! There we can discuss how to grow our community, answer your issues and concerns, or just have a casual chat.


    Invite to the Matrix space:

    General Chat:!

    Support/Administration Issues:!


    Hello everyone! Let's discuss how to grow our community

    Hey guys. After discussing with our lovely sysadmin @[email protected] earlier, I thought it's time we gathered to discuss our little community here. has been through some tough times, but it's still up and strong! Let's look into helping it solidify even more.

    How have you been liking Lemmy so far? Would you like it if offered different interfaces like Photon and Voyager? Isn't the trending communities bot really cool? ;)

    Please feel free to let us know what we can do to help this instance thrive, and maybe tell us a little about your day, heh heh heh.

    And of course, creating content, as well as sharing with others you know, goes a long way!


    Donate to