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This layout was made for speed
  • Haha it was at my wife's family cottage for decades and we tried to sell it in a garage sale but nobody wanted it so it's been sitting in our basement for several years. I had a SNES and N64 hooked up to it for a while but didn't play them much so now it's back in the basement.

    Also getting a screenshot of a typing test on it was kind of a huge pain and I probably did it in the most convoluted way possible. But in the end I was super happy with how the shot turned out, especially since a friend of mine made this insanely cool video out of it.

  • This layout was made for speed

    This was an actual typing test using the QAZ keys over on the right side which is less horrible than I imagined it would be. I probably got lucky, though, because there weren't many Q's or Z's in my test.


    Wednesday vibe

    Family photo
  • I write JavaScript on the tiny ones so I have to type a lot of () and {} and stuff. It took me a little while to get used to.

    Also I have them mapped so that QAZ are Esc, Tab, Shift. So all letters are accounted for on layer 0.

  • Family photo
  • That, my friend, is the keymap of the future.

    I haven't tried home row mods, but I really should. I use a Mac most of the time, so most of the stuff I would do with F keys is just mapped to media controls on the third layer. I've barely even used any of the QAZ boards on Windows since I pretty much only use W for gaming.

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  • Here's the map I've been using for the past month or so. I use pretty much the same layout minus the macro keys on the Vault 35.

    I also have used this unhinged map and it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. It's the default map that I wrote for the firmware.

    And then I started trying out this gaming layer on the Vault last week. Still getting used to it.

  • Family photo
  • So about gaming… A couple weeks ago I had a dream that I was gaming and my friend told me I was playing poorly because of my keyboard so then we got in a fight. I usually use a 65% for gaming but last week someone convinced me I could use the Vault 35 (green one on the bottom left) so I tried it last week. It went okay after I got everything mapped the way I wanted but then at one point I accidentally turned off my gaming layer and the friend who I got in a fight with in the dream started to get annoyed so I pretended my game was messing up. Then I came clean the next day and he said "fuck you".

    Moral of the story is I'm going to continue gaming on the 35%.

  • Family photo
  • It's got lubed KTT Strawberries in it right now. I was going to go with North Poles but I could not get them to fit so I put those in the Mod 005. The caps on the KBt are Drop Dasher which I fell in love with after watching Severance.

  • Family photo
  • That psychopath would be me (for the pink one and the black one, the green one is a vault 35). If you want to have your eyes opened, the black one with the QAZ on the right has an interest check going on now.

  • Family photo

    Top: KBt RE: 66, Akko Mod 005 Middle: Zoom 65, Qazimodo Bottom: Vault 35, Daisy 40, mISO 34

    [IC] Qazimodo
  • Even for people who do touch type, there's a definite learning curve when you move to a 40% or lower board. I found that the muscle memory starts to build up pretty quickly so after a bit of stumbling around I got used to smaller keyboards without too much trouble. The main problem now is when I try to write code on anything larger than a 40% I make constant typos.

  • [IC] Qazimodo
  • It started as a joke for my friend who doesn’t understand how I use a 35% but then some people seemed interested so I actually made it.

    I’ve been using it for about a month now and use the QAZ keys for macros. I have tried actually using them as Q, A, and Z, too and it was actually easier than I expected.

  • Qazimodo

    Qazimodo interest check is now open!

    Qazimodo is an aluminum Vial-compatible QAZ-ish keyboard with an exploded right column of 3 keys, inspired by the Vault 35 HHKB.


    • Aluminum case
    • Top mounted
    • 3 degree typing angle
    • POM switch plate (subject to change)
    • STM32F072-based PCB

    Additional photos

    Interest check form


    Obsessed with GMK Polybius

    GMK Polybius on Qazimodo. Plus a modded Game Boy Pocket.


    Qazimodo prototype

    I started designing the Qazimodo in February and just got the first aluminum case from the manufacturer a couple days ago. Very happy with how it turned out.


    Built my Vault 35 yesterday

    Vault 35 by MechVault

    • Lubed Banana Milk Tactiles
    • Akko Cream MDA keycaps
    • Everglide stabs

    Favorite lesser-known restaurants?

    What are some of your favorite GR restaurants that you think more people should know about?



    I set up this community mostly because r/grandrapids went private as a part of the ongoing protest (which I fully support) and I missed having a place to see what’s going on around town. Hopefully we can get at least a small portion of that here.

    If anybody stumbles upon this and knows of a better alternative, let me know!