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Hush money isn't illegal, it's 'democracy,' Trump lawyer says in defiant trial opening statements
  • Just like corporate donations are "speech". Some Citizens United logic here.

  • So much for free speech on X; Musk confirms new users must soon pay to post
  • When will people stop supporting this clown?

    Remember when some people were like "well, I don't support him, but I've had this Twitter account forever, so I'm not leaving." This is what happens. Things just get worse until you gain plausible deniability for continuing to support the bullshit.

  • YSK : Dark patterns among large companies are becoming more mainstream
  • But at a certain point, it's still a cop out. And part of the trick. If you drown anyone in enough bullshit, you can't expect it to all get called out -- but that doesn't mean it's not all bullshit. It is divide and conquer in another form.

  • Live Nation/Ticket Master won't give you your tickets unless you install their app
  • You also can't do shit with their service, app and web, if you're on a VPN. It just refuses. Even -- and this may be illegal -- unsubscribing from their emails.

  • GTA 6 release date could slip to 2026 under Rockstar "fallback plan", according to reports
  • Considering that just about every AAA game is now released as an awful, rushed mess (for $70), I hope they take their time.

  • What are some things that used to be expensive, but which no longer are?
  • Tbh I see quite a few on the regular using local Craigslist.

  • What are some things that used to be expensive, but which no longer are?
  • Lots of old cars. You can get 80s and 90s Rolls Royce for very cheap from private sellers. Some late 70s / early 80s Ferraris (like the 308) can be had for under $10k.

    Mind you, they're still incredibly expensive to maintain and thus not terribly practical, but the cost to entry can be far lower than most would think.

  • Apple calls 128GB 'lots of storage' in new iPhone 15 ad | AppleInsider
  • My Android device has 128GB of internal storage, and I still could not imagine not having a MicroSD slot for additional storage.

  • Fox News buried Mike Pence’s refusal to endorse Donald Trump
  • This, and as far as I can tell, the only way to avoid being called a RINO is to completely eschew any kind of critical thinking and absolutely toe the party line regardless of how asinine or nonsensical.

  • *Permanently Deleted*
  • +1 for Pop. I fully expected to distro hop but have had it on my main rig for over a year now. Surprisingly pleasant.

  • Someone gets killed by a car, so they restrict e-bikes.
  • They should be on a different grade

    This doesn't apply to parking entrances or other areas where cars are expected to cross the sidewalk, which is the specific portion of that point.

    And the bigger point in my view is pedestrians. I don't believe that pedestrians should need to deal with bikers on the sidewalk. It's called a sidewalk for a reason. Walk the bike.

    I understand bikers being upset about unsafe road conditions, but lessening safety of sidewalks for pedestrians is not the answer.

  • Finally, engineers have a clue that could help them save Voyager 1
  • I've got an Apple II+ that was doing weird shit. Turns out after a lot of sleuthing that it was a single bad DRAM chip, which due to the way that system handles RAM would show up as single unpredictable bits in various locations.

    NASA, seek me out if y'all get stuck.

  • Nearly 30 Percent Of The Top 100 Steam Deck Games Aren’t Verified
  • Just to make sure it's clear: not being Deck Verified doesn't mean it won't run on the Deck or on Linux in general. It means Valve has not hit their testing threshold for the title to mark it as verified or unsupported.

    More specifically, it means Valve cannot guarantee a) the game will run (though anecdotally, I've had most if not all unverified games I tried work without issue), b) that the text is large enough to be readable on the Deck, or c) that the controls are usable (=you might have to just use the configurator yourself).

    I think a danger Valve has introduced with the verification system is people thinking that not verified == no worky.

  • Microsoft defends barging in on Chrome with pop-up ads pushing Bing, GPT-4
  • This result is predictable for a lot of different things that started as products and seem to be ending up as services.

    Microsoft wants Windows to be a subscription service with the associated perks to the company (namely, targeted ads, and also extreme control over anything the system does, including this ad scheme), and so an increased number of people seek a more traditional OS.

    The movie industry pushes streaming down everyone's throat as a highly fragmented market where media ownership no longer exists; thus an increased number of people start to return to physical media.

    Car companies push to paywall features of their cars behind subscription services. An increased number of people seek used cars which have no such paywalls.

    The patterns are clear, in my view, but the C-suite is always driven by a naïve lust for ever-increasing profit.

  • Someone gets killed by a car, so they restrict e-bikes.
  • I don't disagree that roads can feel unsafe. But there's an important detail about sidewalk riding: you can be traveling against the direction of traffic. This is demonstrably dangerous at any kind of lot entry or any time cars can traverse the sidewalk path, because there should not be vehicle traffic moving in a different direction.

    So I'd say both parts are true. Bikers may feel unsafe and may be unsafe on congested roads (or especially roads without dedicated bike paths), but riding on sidewalks is actually demonstrably unsafe for the biker (not to mention unsafe for anyone walking on the sidewalk).

  • Tim Sweeney emailed Gabe Newell calling Valve 'you assholes' over Steam policies, to which Valve's COO replied internally 'you mad bro?'
  • But it wasn't worthless to Epic, who potentially sold it, active address or not. It doesn't really matter what happens with it further down the chain after that sale. The point is that simply signing up for an account, even with fake credentials, does give Epic something. Not a lot, but something.

  • I also have this false memory, apparently
  • I not only remember the cornucopia one, but I thought this was the reason I learned the word cornucopia when I was a kid. Most Mandela effect stuff is kind of silly to me, but this one just freaks me out.