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Hello Luca

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At this point Biden is the wasted vote
  • I'm not American, but I agree with you, it's can't all be about defeating the candidate I hate most. If the two main candidates are terrible, why not go for a third? Even if my pick doesn't win, maybe if enough people think the same, you could have a more diverse pool of candidates further down the line. What's the worst that could happen? It's not like Trump will end the country in four years right? right?

    Imagine if headlines were "the two main options are terrible, what other options do we have" instead of, "they're both terrible but you have to stop the guy you hate the most at any cost". Feels like a way to limit the candidate pool to two options.

  • London Bicycle Rave on Sunday 14th July at 1pm on instagram

    I have a stupid does one date if you don't like new people and don't want sex?
  • Don't know whatever this would be considered dating. It sounds like you're looking for friends to do stuff with and if lucky something might develop between you. A good option could be joining honor groups or aggressively hanging out with the few friends you have. Like tell them about your plans and keep telling them till they join you m that way, you might meet their friends and extend your friend pool

  • alcoholism cinabongo

    Anyone else lift or workout and drink?

    It's certainly not ideal, but I'm looking to hear what the experience has been for you?


    How do you not look at it when you're bored

    I think I'm only looking at it when I'm bored and scrolled to the bottom of all other dopamine apps. What to do?

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    Tooth erections

    Joke Conspiracies cinabongo

    The slave ship out of Africa theory

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    > Makes you think. Or more likely not

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    Makes you think. Or more likely not


    who's tried it? what does it taste like?


    She lied, she didn't want Netflix and chill she wanted this 😭


    Christian Art Depresses Me


    Critical mass London on Sunday 14th April


    Where in London you can Russian with a group and how much it costs

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    New guy just dropped




    Rubber band holder that looks like pasta plate

    By @aobeco_art on twitter/x

    LondonFood cinabongo

    Who makes the best burritos in London

    The best I've had was at ecco pizza