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I have to teach my daughter different things than my son
  • Yeah, I'm gonna disagree with you here. Lots of people are really comfortable being excessive shits online, especially when they have some sort of grievance. PizzaCake is like a fucking lodestone for disdain, so this has definitely happened. Worse has definitely happened.

    Assuming, of course, that we're both on the same page that this comic is an illustration of an online conversation and not, like, meant to be taken literally.

  • TIL China now has a 3 child policy.
  • Hooray! I'm so glad, as a human, that were so comfortable with failure since it's something we all do. And we know that we can admit when we fault and we can then do the work of righting the wrong instead of continuing going forever because we can't be seen to have made a mistake. /s (fucking devastatingly so)

  • Ironically showing your own privilege. Those who are in imminent danger from things getting worse will vote against another Trump term, no matter who. Biden and the status quo fucking suck, but they can get so much worse.

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