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Help with IPv6
  • If you're getting a /64 from your ISP via DHCPv6, you likely need to send a prefix hint. I'd guess /60. Then you'll have multiple /64s to work with on your inside interfaces.

    Who is the ISP?

  • Help with IPv6
  • Prefix ID of 0x1 means "Use the first prefix available in the block as a /64 for the LAN". Essentially your ISP probably gave you a /48, /56, or /60. The firewall is giving prefix IDs to all of the /64s you can fit inside of one of these and allocating them numbers 1 through whatever. Each LAN you have can have its own prefix ID. A /60 has 16 /64 networks that you can subnet it into.

  • Google, Cloudflare & Cisco Will Poison DNS to Stop Piracy Block Circumvention * TorrentFreak
  • Want to know what I used to pirate, but don't anymore? Video games. Steam makes tons of money off of me and everybody else and has reasonable DRM with an easy to use store.

    Piracy is a delivery problem. Make content easier to get for reasonable prices and you'll make money. Don't do that? OK. Piracy it is.

  • Democratic lawmaker slams Project 2025 as ‘un-American’
  • I dunno. Racism, sexism, and Christian Nationalism is very on-brand "American". At least for Republicans.

    It's just Liberals have a "Let's move forward and improve" view of the American way of life and Republicans want to go back to the Dark Ages.

  • The anti-AI sentiment in the free software communities is concerning.
  • I'm not against AI. I'm against the hoards of privacy-disrespecting data collection, the fact that everybody is irresponsibility rushing to slap AI into everything even when it doesn't make sense because line go up, and the fact nobody is taking the limitations of things like Large Language Models seriously.

    The current AI craze is like the NFTs craze in a lot of ways, but more useful and not going to just disappear. In a year or three the crazed C-level idiots chasing the next magic dragon will settle down, the technology will settle into the places where it's actually useful, and investors will stop throwing all the cash at any mention of AI with zero skepticism.

    It's not Luddite to be skeptical of the hot new craze. It's prudent as long as you don't let yourself slip into regressive thinking.

  • Linux admin with 20 years experience, looking for "beginner" distro [Solved, the real beginner distro was the Debian I've used along the way]
  • Debian ticks all of these boxes.

    Stable release

    Wayland or X Server

    It's Debian, so literally everything is built for it, except maybe some obscure arch packages

    Has options for any DE you want

    Steam can be installed via Flatpak

    Only thing I'm not sure about is your air print stuff. I'm sure there is a package that a quick apt install would get, though.