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What bizarre misconceptions do people have about your field?
  • Woah, you're on OG! I'm unfamiliar with a lot of those things and had to look them up. Crazy!

    Hah! ISE - I used that for a hot second, and you still see tutorials using it as well.

    My goodness, tell me about it, I'm new and I already find myself frustrated with Xilinx sometimes. It feels like there are very few resources from them for learning, but I thought that was just because it's a niche subject. I'll have to take a look at Efinix. I guess I thought it was safer to stick to the biggest name while I'm trying to get established. At the moment I'm trying to get some example projects working on a Zybo Z7. I'm finding out that it's a lot to take in

    Thanks for taking the time to reply! I feel strangely honored to hear from such an OG :) Cheers!

  • What bizarre misconceptions do people have about your field?
  • Hey! Can I ask you about that? What type of chips? What are your most used skills/technologies and what helped get started when you were new? I want to work with fpgas, and I'd love to know what your experience with that has been like

  • Steam Summer Sale - Top Deals
  • I've heard many glowing reviews with this same sentiment. In order to avoid most spoilers, may I ask you here - if I didn't enjoy Undertale, would I still like this? I didn't enjoy the metagaming that undertale did, making fun of the player for reloading a save. It felt dishonest. Does Inscryption also do this?

  • Have you seen someone die in front of you?
  • I had a similar experience, Op. I was in traffic as it crawled by an accident, and I saw a man giving violent chest compressions to another man in the street. The motocycle was nearby, smashed. I learned later that he passed right there. 21 years old.

    The same question you have nagged at me - did I witness the moment he passed? I spent time looking at the text I sent before I started driving, calculating when I would have driven by, comparing it to when first responders said they got there.

    I've decided it doesn't matter if I was there to see his death. A man died. His name was Miles. I found news reports about him later, and he seemed like a good guy. A firefighter. Well liked. That's what matters.

  • What's the best US site/app to sell stuff?
  • Sorry about your mom, op. That ain't easy.

    The only thing I would say is if you have siblings, cousins, nieces/nephews, check with them to see if they can make use of any of it. Knowing members of my family got those things was worth way more to me than whatever I could have sold them for.

    Good luck

  • If you had $200 to spend on fitness, what would you spend it on?
  • Thanks! :D Like a tutorial? So the plywood is screwed to five wooden spines, and the spines attach to perpendicular ceiling joists using joist hangers, simpson ties, and angle iron from an old bed frame. For the holds, you pretty much get a flat surface using a miter saw, drill a hole with a drill press, shape it with the miter, and then sand to comfortize. A router can also help with shaping if you have one. I wish I had a photo album to go with this but I didn't take too many as I went. Anyway, cheers! :)

  • If you had $200 to spend on fitness, what would you spend it on?
  • Eyyy have you seen my woody on my profile? It was $305 so it doesn't qualify for OP's question, but I feel it's in the same spirit. Plus, I always love seeing more of my people in this corner of the internet - hello!

    (I need to learn how to make instance-agnostic links)

  • In Your Opinion what is the Most Emotionally Touching Line in Gaming?
  • I wasn't prepared for how good it was. I went in thinking it was a cheap Portal knock-off, but it just kept delivering. This scene^ completely knocked me over - what fantastic writing! And having you revisit previous levels as it played out to hammer the point home was such a great decision

  • Climbing choss

    Wanna see my woody? I'm pretty happy with the final cost of $305. I tried my best to imitate a Tension board