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Ukraine rule
  • So I missed y'all's argument, but I really appreciate how you both realized that you'd made thoughtless posts, apologized, and removed them.

    It's a rare thing to see online.

  • It's sad to see so many good titles get ruined because of this
  • All of the sequels are weird since the first film is literally about the end of the immortals, but among the billion sequels and TV show, Highlander 2 is definitely the weirdest. I like how the rest of the sequels 100% ignore it.

    Like: suddenly they're aliens and Sean Connery can be resurrected by shouting his name, and he can project a force from his hand, but it'll make him die again, and Connor is a scientist who made a shield to replace the Ozone in the future but the Ozone layer is actually fine so they have to destroy the shield generator in a Cyberpunk dystopia.

    There's not enough cocaine on the planet to explain that script.

  • I sure don't miss working in a bar.
  • I teach an underwater photography class at a university. We were going to have a night dive one evening and a thunderstorm rolled in and we had to cancel, so we decided to go to a local pub that has great food.

    There's a bouncer at the door, and he's checking all my student's IDs super close. He's bending them, shining a light through them, etc making absolutely sure nobody underage gets through.

    I walk up behind my students with my ID out and he just nods and says "you're good man."

    I never felt so old.

  • This is my reason for joining "Fuck Cars"
  • When 5 different people have paid 15-20 grand for the same car that's approaching 20 years old, the manufacturers are absolutely losing sales. Most people buying them now would prefer to buy new small trucks, but since they're not avaialbe they buy used and put 3rd-party parts in them to keep them running.

    Ford finally released a small, affordable truck with only a 4.5-foot bed and a hybrid motor (Maverick) , and they can't make enough of them to meet demand. It's been their most-successful new vehicle in decades, if not ever.

    They're on pace to have more than 10x as many sold this year as when they launched in 2021 despite a price increase of over 35%, and it's still almost impossible to see one on the showroom floor because they're sold out before they reach the dealer. Ford is making mint on it despite it being too small to be useful as a truck for many users. A true successor to the old Rangers would be a money-printing machine.

  • This is my reason for joining "Fuck Cars"
  • Meh. The Ranger, S-10, and Dakota were major sellers for the automakers and they've felt that hit . The Ranger has come back in name, but not in size.

    The fact that a 2008 Ford Ranger with 150,000 miles can still sell for 12-15k tells you there's still a huge demand for this class of truck. The manufactures don't get another dime out of that S-10 that's changed hands 4 times - often to people who would have gladly bought new if it were an option.

    Another vehicle class just died to increasingly-strict CAFE rules on vehicle footprint - the small cargo van. The Nissan NV200, Ford Transit Connect, and Ram ProMaster City were all discontinued in the last few years. These were all hugely popular.

  • This is my reason for joining "Fuck Cars"
  • But it's legal to manufacture today, unlike the old one. CAFE rules changed in 2012 to be based on footprint instead of vehicle class, so they essentially outlawed small trucks and gave auto manufacturers an easy way out of efficiency regulations by just making cars bigger every refresh cycle.

  • What.
  • For Echo devices there's a separate system that listens specifically for pre-programmed wake words only.

    It's why you can't choose a custom wake word, but have to pick between "Alexa, Amazon, Computer, or Echo."

  • Wells Fargo fires more than a dozen employees for faking work using mouse jigglers and keyboard activity simulation
  • Some jobs necessarily include idle time when you're waiting for work to come through even if there's nothing to do in that specific moment. The flip side of that is that the employer is able to require that the worker be available instantly. If they're leaving their work area because they're bored then they're not "at work."

    My Dad was a career firefighter, and he spent most of his time sitting in the station watching TV, cooking meals, or sleeping. He was paid for every minute of that time because at the drop of a hat he could be called to a wreck, fire, or medical emergency.

    The reason he had to be paid is federal law requiring that all workers who are "engaged to wait" are on the clock. If someone is installing mouse-jiggler software so they can leave their workstation and do whatever they want, they're no longer being engaged to wait.

  • Give yourselves a round of applause 🖖
  • I also love how they have different types of leaders.

    Kirk is the Captain you'd love to have as a boss. He gets stuff done, but also has fun with it. He'd inspire loyalty through Charisma.

    He's the captain you want standing by your side in a bar fight.

    Picard is the perfectly-distantly, dignified leader. He's a diplomat and archaeologist who loves exploring not only space, but culture and the nature of life. His love for his crew is shown through his desire to develop them into better officers.

    He was the captain who kept you from getting into a fight.

    Sisko is the most militaristic of the Captains. We first meet him in a battle, and he doesn't back down from many fights. When Picard was annoyed by Q he complained. When Sisko met Q he punched him. But Sisko was a great tactician who also had to be a diplomat in charge of a station inhabited mostly by people outside his command structure.

    He was the captain who punch someone in the throat if he thought there would be a fight.

    Janeway was a scientist and diplomat. She could be hard as iron, but she was absolutely devoted to her people and would do anything for them. Her loyalty would cause her to occasionally cross the line, however. More than any of the captains, she wanted to develop her crew into leaders. They had limited options for advancement, but she tried to give them all opportunities to grow. She also didn't see any sense in playing fair if she was in the right.

    She was the captain that would bring a gun to a knife fight.