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What's your clickbait headline that describes your life right now?
  • Man tasked with feeding his best friend's dog his last meal. You'll never believe what was on the menu!

  • Pastor Robert Morris confesses to ‘moral failure’ after woman claims he began molesting her at 12
  • I mean, sure, I've known a lot of flirtat... You know what, actually no, I haven't. Fucking creep.

  • 'The Lion King' stars tell all 30 years later (Ernie Sabella, Jim Cummings, Phil Proctor)
  • No image of the actor in the thumbnail? No name in the headline? Fuck off with your clickbait.

  • Gamer [Raccoon Comic]
  • Pro gamer move

  • US Supreme Court lifts ban on gun bump stocks
  • Finally! I can defend my home, again.

  • Did Donald Trump Jr just break the law during his meeting with Hungarian leader Viktor Orban?
  • Lmfao. The name of his talk was "The World According to Donald Trump Jr."? What kind of 6th grade summer vacation report-ass title is that. What a fucking idiot. Holy shit, I'm legitimately giggle-shitting on the toilet for that one.

  • Oregon man who drugged daughter's friends with insomnia medication at sleepover gets prison term
  • Lake O is the rich Portland suburb, and this is such a stupid rich white man crime.

  • Election commissioner presents evidence that 'Trump caught paying people to attend rally'
  • Based on Trump's current finances, he probably couldn't afford you.

  • Election commissioner presents evidence that 'Trump caught paying people to attend rally'
  • Which is fucking funny, because you couldn't pay me to be there.

  • Trump Can Only Think of Himself After Fans Collapse at Town Hall
  • Nine of them thought it was the line for Golden Corral.

  • Kanye West 'trapped ex-employee in room then performed sex act under covers'
  • He must be angling for an R. Kelly collab.

  • Inseparable brothers. We went to adopt one and came back with both.
  • That's how they get you, these... cats. Devils more like it. It's all purring and mewing, and then Bam! one of them hits you with a head nudge. By then, it's all over. Soon it's the expensive food, and the water filters, and the fancy kitty litter. Before you know it, they are asking if their brother can crash on the couch. You know, just a for a few weeks. He's got an idea, and it's gonna be huge, like Facebook huge, but he just needs a little bit to get him off the ground. A year later you are laying in bed at 4 AM looking back on the choices you've made, wondering how it ever got to this point, and you feel a sharp pain in your gut. It's one of those furry devils come to ask for more food, or to warn you about the spider it thinks it saw in the hallway, or to tell you that the vase above the TV is haunted. It doesn't matter. You love them, anyway. You're all theirs now. Under their spell. They call it love, but it's spelled t-o-x-o-p-l-a-s-m-o-s-i-s.

  • Lessons from Captain Janeway
  • Strange that coffee and dried blood leaves similarly colored stains...

  • After saying atheists are unfit for public office, Oregon lawmaker let off the hook (Livestream)
  • I'm willing to bet dude has been to Thailand a few times and spends a lot of his free hours masturbating to pictures of children, just like the rest of these christofascists.

  • DOOM: The Dark Ages | Official Trailer 1 (4K) | Coming 2025
  • Play the OG games if you want. There are a lot of mods that make it more tolerable by modern standards. If you haven't played Eternal yet, though, you definitely should if you enjoyed 2016.

  • Counter Strike
  • It looks like particle board with a veneer. Probably a cheap remodel job that got a larger piece than they needed and didn't have the chops to cut it down themselves, so they just said fuck it and had 2 foot of overhang with no support.

  • Captain Kirk's final words were, "Oh, my," and I love that.

    Think about all of the things he has seen, all of the worlds he has explored, all of the green women he has slept with, and when he is faced with death, it shocks even him, to the extent that all he can say is, "Oh, my." I'm not sure how popular this scene is among the Star Trek Zeitgeist, but I imagine it's probably hated. I, however, love it. Feel free to tell me how I'm wrong in the comments.


    Question about Steam Deck vs Gaming PC

    I have a Steam Deck, and I love it. It can handle 90% of my library, and it's always improving.

    I decided to try out a linux distro for my OS, because the biggest drawback has always been the hoops that I had to jump through to get games up and running. I went for Pop OS, since that seemed to be natively friendly with NVidia, and the lowest barrier for entry. However, in Steam, I see that there is a much more limited selection of games compatible with my system. Is there a way around that, to get the same selection as my Steam Deck? Or is it this way because the Steam Deck is a singular platform that is developed for based on specific architecture?