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Roses are red, violets are blue, everyone is using IPv6, why aren't you?
  • Sure, in the UK we have very strict rules around competition law and broadband access. Here, fibre businesses lay fibre to premises (and are paid to do so). Then, a customer can order from any number of broadband providers, and the company who originally laid the fibre lease that line out at wholesale prices. The broadband operator runs 'over the top' of whoever installed the fibre.

    That way, the fibre installer makes money over time, gently and progressively. All broadband companies and smaller 'Alt-Nets' as we call them, have an equal opportunity to a customer base. Finally the customer has the choice to find services matching their needs and price points. Pay a lot get a lot, pay less get less.

    I think I have a choice of 6. Names which come to mind are EE, Vodafone, Virgin, Trooli, Cuckoo and Orange.

  • Baldur’s Gate 3 Becomes First Game To Win Every Major GOTY Award
  • Yes it's a really enjoyable game with unlimited variation and possibility. It pretty much handles anything you want to do too.... Don't like one of the characters in your last playthrough? Yeet them off a cliff when you meet them on the next playthrough and the game, characters and dialogue all manage to account for it. Insanely well made in that regard alone.

  • Can a VPN see an https websites folders and subfolders?
  • Ignore the other comments here. These couch experts don't know what they're about.

    A VPN hides your traffic from your ISP/network operator. This includes the domain you request ( as well as the resource (/hello/123.html)


    you also set your DNS server to something other than your ISP or VPN Provider (such as Cloudflare's service). Otherwise your ISP will see you are looking up that website.


    the website hopefully uses HTTPS, and the request to that website is end-to-end encrypted, including the resources you're requesting from the server.