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Tesla lays off 'more than 10%' of its global workforce
  • I very much dislike Elon, but I have a Model 3 and it was definitely the best option for the price. It was $25K used, much less than an i4 and I like the overall design much better, but I know a lot of people don't like it which is fine. Have you owned an EV? The charging infrastructure in the US for Teslas is light years ahead of the competition, and you know that's true when the other manufacturers, that you say are better, are switching charging ports and trying to get access to the supercharger network. Let's not pretend like you can get EVERYTHING you want better, and that Tesla has done nothing to improve the overall state of EVs. The company would undoubtedly be looked at much differently if Elon were not at the helm, he draws way too much attention and is a terrible human being overall. And no, I'm not attributing anything positive about the company or the cars to Elon, I don't think he has done shit. I give all of the credit to the actual engineers.