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Bernie Sanders: Joe Biden for President
  • I understand that a lot of people still think Biden is the best foot forward, but he's losing right now and nobody has been able to even give me an outline of how that could get turned around. I can think of no realistic strategy for getting the concerns around his mental fitness to go away.

    You only flip the board when you're losing, and we're losing. Yes, switching candidates is a risk, but polls suggest it's a viable, calculated one.

  • Bernie Sanders: Joe Biden for President
  • I think the main issue is that it would be much, much better if Biden stepped aside willingly. As in, better enough that it will significantly impact election results. I think this is largely a pressure campaign to get him to do that.

  • Bernie Sanders: Joe Biden for President
  • I'll keep saying it: Joe Biden has been the best president of my lifetime. Everything good he did will be undone if Donald Trump wins, and unless the Democrat strategy hugely shifts (up to and including a new candidate) then Donald Trump is nearly certain to win.

  • Biden introduces Zelenskiy as ‘President Putin’ at Nato summit
  • People out there are really trying to insist that swing voters are gonna think "He reminds me of grandpa when we told him he needs to stop driving. He's got my vote."

    Yes, I know you'd still pick a braindead Biden over any version of Trump. I would too. It's not about ability as a president, it's about ability to get elected president. I'm sick of hearing that like it addresses a single person's concerns about him remaining in the race.

  • European leader wonders why 'no one is asking about' Trump’s 'bizarre' ramblings: Senate Dem
  • Even if Donald Trump were young, handsome, well spoken, charming, and intelligent, he'd still stand for a repugnant and destructive cause. Meanwhile, the biggest albatross on the Democrats' relatively positive agenda is its weak leader.