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Is Luka actually a championship winning player (genuine question)?
  • I think he is but his greatness has depended on his youth and talent so far. He's played a pivotal role in the last couple of playoffs at knocking out some big time contender teams.

    That being said, he's in shit shape. I think he plays Euroball when the NBA season ends so I think he's just enjoying bad dietary foods. When he shows up to training camp in Kobe shape and starts taking care of his body I think he'll get over the hump. I remember seeing a video of Dirk patting his belly playfully and poking fun but can't seem to find it.

  • I know nothing about e-bikes. Which should I get?
  • Since off-roading is your primary goal, I would look into Specialized or other established mountain bike manufacturers.

    I have not heard of a folding mountain bike. Brompton is the defacto leader when it comes to folding bicycles but they are expensive (you are paying for the quality of their name and their patented folding design).

    I have a non-electric Brompton. You can go off roading with it, but I would not recommend it. It does not do well on sand either. You can change the tires that come with the bike, but you are talking about after-market parts on a bike that is super expensive already. Even more so with an electric version.

    Another folding bike leader is Dahon but I know less about what they offer.